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NetSuite Release 2023.1 Overview

Background After a long, cold and dark winter, spring is finally here. Flowers are blooming, birds are singing, and most importantly : NetSuite has released its first yearly update. From accounting to user interface and authentication enhancements, this brand new release will for sure meet or exceed our expectations. And if you ever feel lost … Continued

Overview of Item Pricing features in NetSuite

Background In its day-to-day operations, a company must offer different prices for its products depending on the customer and the product itself. For example, separate price levels can be set for retail and wholesale customers or a standard price with discounts for students and seniors can be established. NetSuite’s item pricing feature allows for the … Continued

Advanced Localization Features – The new face of transaction’s layouts by NetSuite

Background Transactions layouts of any type are necessary for a company. Every company has their own, customized layout. Recently, NetSuite released a bundle named Advanced Localization Features (ALF), which offers the opportunity to have top notch Invoice/Credit-Note’s layouts by default which is a game changer.  Prerequisites The Advanced Localization Features bundle has for id : … Continued

Develop online forms in your NetSuite environment

Online Forms Background NetSuite offers its users to create and publish online forms available via an external URL. This feature is mostly used in the context of a marketing/CRM follow-up for example customer satisfaction survey. The information received from the online forms will automatically create or update records in your NetSuite account. This feature is … Continued

Novutech and Oracle training programs

Novutech and Oracle training programs Background This article outlines the valuable partnership that exists between Novutech and Oracle, and the opportunities for Alliance Partner members to undertake training programs offered by Oracle. I also describe how Novutech uses this alliance to invest in their employees by ensuring all members grow with the company to better … Continued

NetSuite Release 2022.2 Overview

We are already in the middle of October, and shortly all NetSuite customers will be upgraded to the 2022.2 version and will be enjoying some fresh enhancements and new functionalities within their NetSuite environment. Background As part of their goal to consistently optimise their customers’ business operations and further automate their financial processes, NetSuite left … Continued

Advanced Project Budgets

Background Advanced Project Budgets enable you to stay on track with cost and revenue for each project. A work breakdown structure (WBS) separates the work on a project into parts, called work items. You can assign cost and revenue budget values to every work item, save the work breakdown structure and convert it to a … Continued

Cross-Subsidiary Fulfillment

Background Cross-Subsidiary fulfillment is a NetSuite feature available on OneWorld accounts. Once the functionality is enabled, you will have the possibility to fulfill sales orders and receive returns across multiple subsidiaries. Therefore, an order made in the original subsidiary can be sent to different subsidiary at the moment of the fulfillment. It means that you … Continued