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Forbedre din projektstyring med SuiteProjects fra NetSuite: en omfattende guide

Forbedre effektiviteten og rentabiliteten af ​​din servicevirksomhed med SuiteProjects fra NetSuite, en robust platform til Automatisering for professionelle servicevirksomheder. I denne artikel ser vi på detaljeret ressourceallokering, projektrentabilitet og periodisk indtægtsallokering og viser, hvordan SuiteProjects forbedrer forretningsdriften gennem komplet gennemsigtighed, fleksibilitet og præcision. For en servicevirksomhed er optimering af driften og styring af kundeprojekter afgørende. … Continued

Volume Based Landed Cost 

What is the Landed Cost? Landed cost is the total cost of a product, accumulating all expenses required to receive the product from the supplier during the procurement process. It includes the actual purchase price of the goods and all shipment charges, freight charges, duty fees, taxes, insurance and all the other costs incurred along … Continued

Integration via Workato – Integrate all your data from SalesForce to NetSuite

Background In most of the NetSuite implementations we perform at Novutech, there’s always the part of the integration with other software applications. These integrations can be done in multiple ways. From a semi-manual process loading data files, to building point-to-point interfaces, to implementing an iPaas. This article will tackle the integration via Workato, a market … Continued

Company Cars follow-up in NetSuite using Custom Segment & Custom Record

Background NetSuite lets you create Custom Segments which are custom classification fields similar to Class, Department or Location, the out-of-the-box dimensions included in every NetSuite instance. These standard and custom dimensions are used as financial segmentation, to generate Financial or Management Reporting (vs Statutory). To complete this comprehensive set of benefits and offer even more … Continued

Cross-Subsidiary Fulfillment

Background Cross-Subsidiary fulfillment is a NetSuite feature available on OneWorld accounts. Once the functionality is enabled, you will have the possibility to fulfill sales orders and receive returns across multiple subsidiaries. Therefore, an order made in the original subsidiary can be sent to different subsidiary at the moment of the fulfillment. It means that you … Continued

Creating projects from sales transactions in NetSuite

Background When you sell a product together with consultancy / professional services, NetSuite allows to create a project from the sale transaction (sale order, opportunity or estimate) you have booked in the system.That way the sale transaction and the newly created project are linked together and all billing operations will be done directly through the … Continued

NetSuite Release 2022.1 Overview

We are already in the middle of March, and shortly all NetSuite customers will be upgraded to the 2022.1 version and will be enjoying some fresh enhancements and new functionalities within their NetSuite environment. Background As part of their goal to consistently optimise their customers’ business operations and further automate their financial processes, NetSuite left … Continued

Item Substitution

Background If you are a company selling goods, you might have several similar inventory items that can be substituted with one another. With NetSuite, you can set up your items to link them to their substitutes, which will allow you to replace backordered items on your sales orders with other similar items that you have … Continued

Intercompany Project Management – Novutech Custom Solution

Background Project management is at the core of many companies’ business processes. Although NetSuite’s project management module offers a comprehensive set of features that help users have an extensive view on their projects and the related profitability, some companies need a bit of customization to have their most specific needs met. In the case covered … Continued