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ConnectoBank for NetSuite

Discover our reliable Bank Connectivity solution with Isabel and Ponto, allowing you to download bank statements directly into your NetSuite account and push payment files to your banks with a single click.

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Amortization Schedule in NetSuite

Simplify your amortization schedule management in NetSuite and ensure clear links between transactions and journal entries.

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Suite Analytics

Discover Suite Analytics NovuPack.

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NetSuite Dunning Letters

Streamline your accounts receivable with our Novupack

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Localisation Belgium

Discover our SuiteSolution Belgium Localisation Pack that offers additional solutions to better meet legal and accounting compliance for Belgian GAAP processes, in addition to what NetSuite offers in the standard functionalities and localization bundle.

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Strategic partnership announcement: Novutech and Isabel 6 empowering financial operations

NetSuite articles

October 08 2021

We are thrilled to announce a strategic partnership between Novutech and Isabel 6, a solution offered by Isabel Group, marking a significant advancement in B2B payments and financial operations for ERP users. This collaboration combines Novutech's deep expertise in ERP solutions with Isabel 6's state-of-the-art financial management tools, offering unparalleled efficiency and security in financial transactions.

A partnership defined by innovation and security

Since its founding in 2019, Novutech has become a trusted name in the NetSuite community, known for its commitment to redefining business processes and enabling digital transformation for European SMEs. By partnering with Isabel 6, known for its robust and hypersecure online financial software, we aim to deliver a superior value proposition to our clients, focusing on security and efficiency when working daily through their Belgian bank accounts.

Introducing ConnectoBank: tailored bank connectivity solutions

As part of our ongoing commitment to innovative financial technology, we have developed ConnectoBank, a Novutech tailored solution that enhances your ERP experience by integrating directly with Isabel 6. ConnectoBank leverages the power of open banking, enabling one-click payment file submissions and reliable bank statement downloads directly into your NetSuite account. This integration not only saves significant time—about 150 hours per bank per year—but also ensures that your financial operations are always up-to-date and error-free.

How Novutech and Isabel 6 complement each other

  • Enhanced financial management with Isabel 6: Isabel 6 simplifies complex financial tasks by allowing users to manage their bank accounts at more than 23 Belgian banks through one single interface, from simple SEPA transfers to intricate international transactions.
  • Seamless multi-banking integration: With Isabel Connect, users can enjoy a seamless integration of banking services into their existing ERP systems, enhancing both the convenience and security of financial operations.
  • Strategic financial operations: Isabel 6’s functionality goes beyond transactional processes, empowering finance teams to take on a more strategic role through effective cash management and budgeting.

ConnectoBank and Isabel 6: a financial ecosystem

Together, ConnectoBank and Isabel 6 create a robust ecosystem for financial management within NetSuite, offering features like automated bank reconciliation and real-time cash-flow reporting. This integration facilitates a seamless flow of data and enhances the strategic role of financial professionals by minimizing routine tasks and focusing on core business growth.

Joint advantages for ERP clients

  • Optimized payment workflows: together, Novutech and Isabel 6 provide powerful tools to set up payment workflows and monitor financial activities, ensuring that all transactions are secure and fully traceable.
  • Robust security measures: the partnership prioritizes security with Isabel 6’s watertight security features, safeguarding every transaction against potential threats and errors.
  • Streamlined financial processes: the integration capabilities offered by Isabel Connect and ConnectoBank minimize manual work, allowing for automatic importation of bank statements and initiation of payment flows directly from the ERP environment.

Why this matters

The collaboration between Novutech and Isabel 6 is not just about enhancing software capabilities; it’s about creating a seamless, integrated financial ecosystem that propels businesses forward. This partnership ensures that clients receive comprehensive support, from initial ERP implementation to ongoing financial management and optimization. At Novutech, we are proud to partner with Isabel 6 and look forward to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible for our ERP clients. About Isabel Group: since its founding in 1995, Isabel Group has become Belgium's largest fintech company and a leading provider of multi-bank services for professional users. As a trusted market infrastructure, its mission is to connect corporations, accountancy firms, banks, software suppliers, and consumers, ensuring seamless transactions and secure exchanges of documents and payments. Based in Brussels, with offices across Europe, their team of 350 experts supports over 90,000 business customers, facilitating 450 million transactions annually.    About Novutech: Founded in 2019 and with offices in Belgium, the Netherlands, France, and Denmark, Novutech is a rapidly growing digitalization partner to midsize companies across Europe. Created with a vision to redefine business processes, Novutech specializes in Cloud ERP solutions for scale-ups and growth companies in the Software, Professional Services, and Commerce sectors. With a team of 50+ certified NetSuite business and technical consultants, Novutech is at the forefront of digital transformation, helping businesses achieve their goals in the cloud with our advisory, implementation, optimisation and ongoing support services. As a dedicated partner with a long term vision, Novutech ensures that its clients get the most out of their NetSuite investment year after year, facilitating their path to success in the digital economy.  
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[PIAS] Customer testimonial - Global financial harmony thanks to NetSuite

Customer use case

October 08 2021

About [PIAS]

[PIAS], short for "Play It Again, Sam," a nod to the famous line from Casablanca, is an independent Belgian record label founded in 1982 in Brussels by Kenny Gates and Michel Lambot. From its inception, [PIAS] has supported and promoted artists globally through a passionate international network of music lovers. Over the years, the company has expanded its reach by opening subsidiaries in various countries. This client testimonial delves into the history of [PIAS] and its successful partnership with Novutech.  

Integration of NetSuite at [PIAS] 

Initially focused on distributing records from independent labels in Belgium, [PIAS] has broadened its footprint over time by opening subsidiaries across multiple continents and acquiring key labels, such as the classical music label Harmonia Mundi. To support and manage its growth, [PIAS] needed to streamline its financial operations, standardize its accounting processes, and harmonize its systems. Thus, the company naturally turned to NetSuite as its ERP solution.

Objectives and achievements with NetSuite

The primary goal for [PIAS] with NetSuite was to centralize the financial management of its numerous subsidiaries. With NetSuite, [PIAS] now manages about 30 subsidiaries, involving more than 35 users from the financial department. The use of the tool has lead to standardized accounting processes, thereby facilitating the consolidation of financial data. Notably, NetSuite's adaptability in managing multiple legislations and currencies has been invaluable. [PIAS] has also digitized all its accounting processes, eliminating paper archives entirely with everything now hosted digitally within NetSuite. The second objective was to integrate solutions to better address complexities related to data volume, automation, and integration with external tools. Complexities arise from the need to record artist royalties revenues and expenses in the subsidiaries where these contracts are signed, involving many inter-subsidiary costs and revenue recharges. Various solutions and automations have been implemented, including multiple segmentations, workflows for recharging with mirroring intercompany invoices, and self-billing for automatic creation of supplier invoices.

Smart optimization in the purchasing process

[PIAS] has deliberately chosen to systematically use purchase items rather than simply posting on general ledger accounts when entering purchases, from the initial issuing of purchase orders down to the processing of vendor bills. This strategy has enabled effective expense management while enhancing overall understanding within the teams. The approach was primarily chosen to facilitate intercompany re-invoicing and mirroring of intercompany invoices during intercompany recharges, as NetSuite intelligently uses revenue or expense accounts related to items, representing a significant flow in [PIAS]'s operations.

Other custom solutions added

  • Novutech's dunning solution
  • Use of Novutech's tool to generate structured payment references;
  • Implementation of customized sales orders to meet specific business requirements, ensuring precise and effective sales tracking and reporting;
  • Use of ZoneReconcile for automated processing of bank statements;
  • Development and integration of a customized purchase order approval workflow, thereby optimizing internal processes.

Future Objectives

Some of the objectives for the future are: continue to harmonize processes across various subsidiaries, extend the use of the payment module, integrate a bank reconciliation tool, and develop or integrate new tools for business analytics.


Thanks to NetSuite, [PIAS] has achieved global financial harmony, unifying operations across its many subsidiaries. The company has overcome complex challenges related to royalty management and optimized its financial processes. [PIAS] continues to evolve, even considering stock management in the near future. This client testimonial illustrates the power of NetSuite in transforming and optimizing financial operations for international companies like [PIAS].


About Novutech: “Novutech has been a trusted partner to [PIAS] since the beginning of our NetSuite journey. We have relied on their expertise and product knowledge, as well as their professionalism. Furthermore, Novutech's team is always available and attentive to our needs. Novutech is a reliable partner without whom the tool we use today would not be as effective and efficient. Thank you Novutech!” Nicolas De Bie, Finance Director [PIAS] About NetSuite: “NetSuite is the ideal solution to meet the needs of an international company like [PIAS]: integration of subsidiaries across different continents (Europe, UK, USA, Australia) and multi-currency management (EUR/USD/GBP/AUD), numerous analytical axes to facilitate reporting, and ease of consolidation thanks to the intercompany automation features. NetSuite offers a comprehensive solution that can be easily tailored to our specific needs. Besides allowing the [PIAS] group to unify the systems used in the many subsidiaries of our group, NetSuite has enabled us to entirely digitize our accounting and financial processes.” Nicolas De Bie, Finance Director [PIAS]
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NetSuite Custom GL Plug-in: what is it, how to set it up and some practical examples

NetSuite articles

October 08 2021


In NetSuite, custom General Ledger (G/L) lines are used to enhance and customize the accounting entries generated by the system's standard processes. When posting transactions to the General Ledger, such as Item Shipments or Receipts, Invoices or Vendor Bills, Assembly Builds, Inventory Adjustments etc., NetSuite generates accounting impacts on accounts that are pre-defined, a.o. on Items and/or Customers and/or Vendors. These preconfigured postings are not always the desired ones for businesses that have to meet specific accounting standards, special regulatory or tax requirements, or business practices that are not addressed by NetSuite's default settings. The Custom GL Plug-in feature offers the possibility to customize those standard accounting impacts according to your company’s individual accounting needs.


In order to use the Custom GL Plug-in option, you need to activate 2 features. Go to Setup > Company > Enable Features. Then, on the SuiteCloud subtab, enable the following features: Server Suite Script and Custom GL Lines. 


In this example, we need Custom GL Plug-ins on 3 types of transactions: item receipts, assembly builds and vendor bills. The standard GL impacts were not matching with the specific requirements of our NetSuite customer. Therefore, we have created specific GL impacts by means of the Custom GL Plug-in feature. 

Item receipts

The calculations to be made by the Custom GL Plug-in are the following: 
  • Credit: quantity * rate on the item expense account (account number 609000 in this particular Belgian-style chart of accounts). 
  • Debit: quantity * rate on the item purchase account (600000). Note: the purchase account was created as a custom field on the Item record. 
As an additional condition, the plug-in needed to only run on the item receipts that are not created from a transfer order.  Here is an example of the final GL impacts on an item receipt recorded against a purchase order for the “bulk powder” item. Note that amounts are strictly hypothetical.  The two last lines are calculated by a Custom GL Plug-in. This Custom GL Plugin leaves the standard G/L posting intact, but adds additional lines to make the end result compliant with the accounting standards as desired by our customer.  Note: amounts are hypothetical

Assembly builds

The calculations made by this particular Custom GL Plug-in are the following: 
  • Credit: quantity * rate on the COGS account of the final product (713000). 
  • Debit: quantity * rate on the COGS account of the raw materials (603000). 
  • Debit: quantity * rate on the COGS account of the manufacturing charges (609000). 
  • Credit: total amount of the manufacturing charges on account 444000 (static value). 
  • Debit: total amount of the manufacturing charges on account 603000 (static value). 
Note: amounts are hypothetical

Vendor bills

The calculations made by this last Custom GL Plug-in on Vendor Bills are the following: 
  • Credit: total amount of the manufacturing charges on account 603000 (static value).
  • Debit: total amount of the manufacturing charges on account 444000 (static value). 
Note: amounts are hypothetical
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Revolutionizing invoicing efficiency

NetSuite articles

October 08 2021

Streamlining mass email invoices with timesheet attachments in NetSuite

In the fast-paced world of finance, the repetitive nature of invoicing tasks can be a significant bottleneck. Novutech recognizes the need for innovative solutions to simplify and expedite invoicing workflows. This article focuses on our NetSuite customization, designed to transform invoicing by enabling the mass emailing of invoices with integrated timesheet attachments. For CFOs in the Professional Services industry looking to optimize their invoicing processes, the challenge often lies in efficiently attaching timesheets to invoices and managing the time-consuming task of sending individual emails to multiple clients.  

Introducing the Mass Email Invoices Module: a game-changer for CFOs

Novutech's NetSuite customization introduces the Mass Email Invoices Module, a revolutionary solution designed to streamline invoicing workflows. This module allows CFOs to send invoices with timesheet attachments (into the same PDF) to multiple clients simultaneously, eliminating the need for manual and time-intensive email communications On top of this, it separates the process of invoice creation and invoice submission, which is challenging for a majority of NetSuite customers who are required to submit invoices upon creation (standard NetSuite feature).  

Key features of the mass email invoices module:

Effortless bulk emailing

  • Simplify communication by sending invoices to multiple client emails (from a single field) with a single click.
  • Eliminate the time-consuming process of manually sending emails one by one.

Template customization

  • Choose from a variety of templates to personalize invoice emails.
  • Tailor templates to align with brand identity and communication preferences.
Mass mail invoices

Confirmation notifications

  • Receive real-time confirmation notifications, ensuring successful email deliveries to clients.

Bulk transaction emails

  • Generate bulk transaction emails without navigating through individual invoice pages.
  • Customize emails to include multiple attachments, enhancing communication efficiency.

How it benefits CFOs

For CFOs relying on timesheets for invoicing, our customization offers a seamless solution. By selecting the "Attach Timesheet" option during email invoicing, a detailed timesheet is automatically generated and appended to the email. This feature not only saves time but also enhances transparency and client satisfaction by providing a breakdown of time spent on tasks.  


Novutech's NetSuite customization is a game-changer for CFOs in the Professional Services industry seeking to simplify invoicing tasks and enhance communication efficiency. Addressing challenges related to attachments and offering customization options, our solution transforms invoicing into a painless and effective process, aligning with the evolving needs of modern PS businesses. Experience the efficiency of mass emailing invoices with integrated timesheet attachments. Explore how Novutech's innovative solution can save you time and elevate your invoicing processes to new heights.
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Strategic partnership announcement: Novutech and Celigo empowering NetSuite users together

NetSuite articles Novutech culture

October 08 2021

We are excited to announce a strategic partnership between Novutech and Celigo, marking a new era in cloud integration and ERP optimization for NetSuite users. This collaboration unites Novutech’s NetSuite expertise with Celigo’s integration platform, enhancing business process efficiency and digital transformation.

A partnership defined by excellence

Since its founding in 2019, Novutech has become a trusted name in the NetSuite community, known for its commitment to redefining business processes and enabling digital transformation. Joining forces with Celigo, a global leader in cloud integration, we aim to deliver exceptional value to European NetSuite clients.

How Novutech and Celigo complement each other

  • Customized NetSuite solutions by Novutech: leveraging the power of NetSuite, Novutech tailors ERP solutions to meet the specific needs of scale-ups and growth companies, ensuring a perfect fit for your business strategy and operational requirements.
  • Integration expertise of Celigo: Celigo enhances these solutions with its robust integration platform, automating business processes and connecting disparate systems with the ÈRP backbone to create a cohesive and efficient IT environment.
  • Novutech’s inhouse team of Celigo Certified Integration Specialists: having our own integration team guarantees the delivery of a fully tailormade integration setup that fits with the customer’s specific requirements as translated in the unique setup of the core NetSuite ERP system and the peripheral best-of-breed applications. Our specialists are often part of the ERP roll-out team, which ensures a timely delivery and better control over the integration project.

Joint advantages for NetSuite clients

  1. Enhanced CRM and/or ecommerce capabilities: together, Novutech and Celigo deliver unified solutions built on NetSuite, with applications like Salesforce, Shopify, Magento, etc., to provide to our customers a commercial ecosystem that ensures accuracy, speed, and a superior customer experience, keeping your business competitive and customer-focused.
  2. Optimized financial operations: the partnership streamlines your financial processes, from transactions to cash flow management, leveraging NetSuite’s robust features with best-of-breed Spend, A/P and A/R and Cash Pooling solutions, all integrated into one platform with Celigo’s integration capabilities to fuel growth and efficiency.
  3. Supply chain excellence: gain a competitive edge with synchronized supply chain operations, linking your WMS and inventory optimisation applications seamlessly with NetSuite through Celigo’s real-time integration services, improving logistics and inventory management.
  4. Seamless software and service integrations: Novutech’s understanding of service-oriented businesses combined with Celigo’s automation tools minimizes manual work, enhancing productivity and service delivery. Typical examples include the integration of NetSuite ERP with billing tools like Salesforce, Zuora and Chargebee or various project management solutions.

Case study in the Food and Beverage Services industry

In the food and beverage sector, one of our clients harnessed the power of NetSuite to manage their entire business lifecycle, from procurement to sales. The real breakthrough came with integrating their warehouse management system with NetSuite via Celigo.  This integration facilitated a seamless flow of data and automated processes, ensuring timely and accurate order fulfilment. The collaboration between NetSuite and Celigo not only streamlined operations but also significantly improved service quality and customer satisfaction, exemplifying the strength of integrated cloud solutions in optimizing business performance.

Why this matters

Novutech and Celigo's partnership isn’t just about providing software solutions; it's about crafting a seamless, integrated digital ecosystem that propels businesses forward. This collaboration ensures that clients receive comprehensive support, from initial NetSuite implementation to ongoing process optimization and integration. In summary, the strategic alliance between Novutech and Celigo promises to transform the way businesses use NetSuite, enhancing capabilities, driving efficiency, and accelerating growth. We are proud to partner with Celigo and look forward to redefining the possibilities for our NetSuite clients.   About Celigo: Celigo is a leading integration-platform-as-a-service (iPaaS) provider, known for its innovative solutions that automate and integrate business processes across various cloud applications. Originated from California (USA), Celigo today has almost 1000 employees in 6 offices around the world, with their European team located in Amsterdam (NL). With a vision to make integration as simple as possible, Celigo strives to deliver integration solutions that reduce manual processes and allow people to focus on growing their business instead. Their robust platform supports thousands of enterprise and mid-market customers, processing millions of transactions monthly and demonstrating the scalability and reliability of their integration solutions. About Novutech: Founded in 2019 and with offices in the Benelux, France, and Denmark, Novutech is a rapidly growing digitalization partner to midsize companies across Europe. Created with a vision to redefine business processes, Novutech specializes in Cloud ERP solutions for scale-ups and growth companies in the Software, Professional Services, and Commerce sectors. With a team of 50+ certified NetSuite business and technical consultants, Novutech is at the forefront of digital transformation, helping businesses achieve their goals in the cloud with our advisory, implementation, optimisation and ongoing support services. As a dedicated partner with a long term vision, Novutech ensures that its clients get the most out of their NetSuite investment year after year, facilitating their path to success in the digital economy.
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Application Integration how-to: comparing IPaaS and Point-to-Point integration for business success

Broad ERP/Tech

October 08 2021


In today's fast-paced and data-driven business environment, the seamless integration of applications, systems, and data sources is not just a convenience but a necessity. At Novutech, we understand the critical role that efficient, reliable integration solutions play in streamlining operations, enhancing productivity, and driving growth at companies using a diverse IT landscape. This article explores two main approaches to integration: Integration Platforms as a Service (IPaaS) and Point-to-Point Integration. We'll delve into their advantages, limitations, and how choosing the right path can significantly impact your business dynamics.  

Understanding IPaaS and Point-to-Point integration

Before we compare the two, let's define our terms. IPaaS, or Integration Platform as a Service, is a dedicated solution on its own that offers a suite of tools and services designed to facilitate the connection between various business systems and applications through a single platform. On the other hand, Point-to-Point Integration refers to the direct connection of two systems (without middleware) typically developed in-house, to ensure they can communicate and share data seamlessly.  

The case for IPaaS

IPaaS solutions, such as Workato and Celigo, with which Novutech holds extensive experience and multiple certifications, bring a plethora of benefits to the table.  They provide a comprehensive, visual overview of the information shared between systems, which is invaluable for managing complex data flows.  Another one of the standout advantages of IPaaS solutions is their error management capabilities. Platforms like Celigo simplify the process of identifying, reprocessing, and even modifying data associated with errors, thereby ensuring continuity and reliability in business operations.  Also, the use of an IPaaS solution greatly reduces the complexity and time required for integration projects, because there’s no need for extensive custom coding. Finally, IPaaS allows businesses to handle multiple integrations in a centralized location, enhancing visibility and control over their integration landscape. As iPaaS platforms are designed to scale with your business needs, they can accommodate additional integrations and more complex workflows as your business grows and evolves, without the need for significant additional investment.

IPaaS advantages:

  • Enhanced Visibility and Management: provides a comprehensive overview of information shared between systems, facilitating the management of complex data flows.
  • Simplified Error Handling: offers intuitive tools for identifying, reprocessing, and even modifying data associated with errors, ensuring business continuity.
  • Centralized Management out-of-the-box: allows for the centralized management of multiple integrations from a single platform, improving control and oversight, without extensive custom coding.
  • Scalability: scale with your business needs, without major additional investments.

IPaaS disadvantages:

  • Cost Considerations: the implementation of an IPaaS solution represents a significant investment, with ongoing expenses related to platform management and sometimes, depending on the pricing model, usage fees based on exchanged data quantities.
  • Platform Dependency: adopting an IPaaS solution introduces dependency on an additional platform, which may require businesses to adapt their operations accordingly.

Point-to-Point integration: the Novutech edge

At Novutech, we excel in leveraging NetSuite SuiteScript to create customized Point-to-Point Integration solutions. Our expertise allows us to tailor the integration process to meet the exact needs of our clients, providing a level of customization that IPaaS solutions cannot match. Operating without the need for an additional platform, P2P Integration offers direct, streamlined communication between systems.

Point-to-Point integration advantages:

  • Customization: offers the highest possible degree of customization to meet specific business needs, enabling tailored integration solutions.
  • Direct Integration: facilitates direct integration between systems without the necessity for an additional platform, reducing the integration process to the minimum required and avoiding the related investment and running costs.
  • Lower Initial Cost: for organizations with a small number of integrations, P2P can be less expensive initially and can be deployed fairly quickly, avoiding the need to learn a new IPaaS platform's ins and outs.

Point-to-Point integration disadvantages:

  • Error Handling Challenges: requires a more hands-on approach to identify and resolve errors, which may be less efficient and more time-consuming for businesses without a dedicated IT support team.

Making the right choice for your business

Choosing between IPaaS and Point-to-Point Integration depends on various factors, including your business size, integration needs, budget, and long-term goals. IPaaS offers a robust, scalable solution ideal for businesses looking to manage multiple integrations with complex data flows, emphasizing error handling and data management. Organizations with more complex, dynamic, or large-scale integration requirements might find an iPaaS solution more efficient and cost-effective in the long run. Conversely, Point-to-Point Integration, with its high customization potential and direct system-to-system connections, suits businesses prioritizing tailored solutions on a smaller scale and having the expertise to manage them in-house or by a reliable and responsive partner. Especially as the number of integrations grows, complexity, maintenance challenges, and scalability issues can arise with P2P integration, hence it may be more suitable for smaller, simpler integration needs in less dynamic environments.  


At Novutech, our deep understanding of both IPaaS and Point-to-Point Integration, bolstered by our extensive experience with platforms like Workato and Celigo, positions us as a leader in crafting integration solutions tailored to our clients' unique business requirements. Whether you're leaning towards the comprehensive capabilities of IPaaS or the customizability of Point-to-Point Integration, we're here to guide you through every step of the decision-making process, ensuring your business not only meets its current needs but is also primed for future growth.
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NetSuite optimization for SaaS Businesses

NetSuite articles

October 08 2021

Making the most of NetSuite: Strategic tech stack optimization for thriving SaaS Businesses



In the rapidly evolving SaaS landscape, maintaining an optimized tech stack has become vital for business agility, scalability, and competitiveness. Many SaaS companies struggle with the challenge of selecting the right technology mix to support their growth and operational efficiency. NetSuite emerges as a pivotal solution, offering comprehensive, flexible, and scalable ERP capabilities (from billing to seamless integrations capabilities) tailored to the unique needs of the SaaS industry.  

Optimizing your Tech Stack for Saas Businesses with NetSuite 

The growth of the SaaS industry and the tech stack imperative

As the SaaS industry is booming, companies are increasingly pressured to adopt technology solutions that not only scale with their growth but also offer the agility to adapt to changing market dynamics. The right tech stack is crucial for fostering innovation, enhancing customer experiences, and sustaining competitive advantage.  NetSuite stands out as a comprehensive, unified platform designed to meet these needs, providing robust functionalities tailored for SaaS businesses.

NetSuite for SaaS: Beyond basic functionality

NetSuite has proven to excel well beyond standard ERP capabilities, offering a specialized focus on SaaS metrics and reporting, order-to-cash processes, and subscription management as well as advanced revenue recognition. The platform's adaptability allows for the monitoring of crucial KPIs, such as Monthly Recurring Revenue (including Sales/Contracted MRR versus posted MRR Accounting-wise), Churn Rate, and Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV), enabling businesses to make data-driven decisions and strategize effectively.

Customized billing systems: A Game-changer

In the realm of SaaS, where subscription models reign, a flexible and reliable billing system isn't just beneficial – it's essential. SuiteBilling, NetSuite's standard billing engine, or the advanced ZoneBilling SuiteApp (for even more flexibility) are able to support simple to complex billing scenarios, supporting various pricing models, tiers, and subscription terms. This flexibility ensures that SaaS companies can innovate their pricing strategies without being hamstrung by technological limitations.

Unified platform vs. Best of breed: Making the right choice

Choosing between a unified platform like NetSuite and a best-of-breed approach is a pivotal decision for SaaS companies. While best-of-breed solutions offer deep functionality in specific areas, they often introduce complexity in integration and data consistency and they do not offer a complete overview of the business status. NetSuite provides a cohesive, integrated suite that ensures real-time visibility, consistency, and control across all business functions, which is crucial for fast-paced SaaS environments. In reality, a few best-of-breed solutions are often added to the NetSuite hub, to provide even richer functionality in specific business domains. As highlighted below with a concrete use case of a Danish scale-up, Novutech enables SaaS businesses to rethink their Tech Landscape by reducing the number of tools in their own legacy IT ecosystem and introducing NetSuite as the financial and subscription backbone system in the center of the SaaS organization, streamlining their operations for efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Real-world use cases: NetSuite with Novutech in action

Illustrating the impact of NetSuite through real-world scenarios, we see how companies have leveraged the platform to align their revenue and cost models efficiently, automate their billing processes, and gain actionable insights through advanced analytics. These use cases underscore NetSuite's capability to support SaaS companies' unique requirements and drive their success in a competitive market. Novutech has been able to support European tech start-ups and scale-ups in their digital transformation journey by implementing NetSuite SuiteBilling or ZoneBilling with Salesforce, Hubspot or other in-house CRM systems, as well as integrating with third party tools like Zuora, Chargebee or MonetizeNow. 


In the dynamic SaaS industry, optimizing your tech stack is not merely about integrating the latest technologies – it's about selecting a platform that aligns with your business model, enhances your operational efficiency, and supports your growth trajectory. NetSuite emerges as a powerful ally for SaaS businesses, providing a comprehensive suite of tools that cater to the industry's specific needs, from revenue recognition to subscription management and everything in between, and is fully scalable to the size of your business. Choose NetSuite with Novutech, the most qualitative, flexible and effective Consulting & IT partner out there! 
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Novutech’s Dunning Letters Implementation Methodology

NetSuite articles Novutech culture

October 08 2021

Transitioning effortlessly to optimal Accounts Receivable management



When it comes to managing Accounts Receivable efficiently, many clients express interest in a streamlined dunning process to monitor overdue balances and automate the dispatch of dunning letters to their customers in a fully automated way. Our customers prefer a simple, flexible, and efficient approach. Our Dunning Letters NovuPack offers a tailored process that fits our customers’ requirements without unnecessary complexity.  

Implementation stages

In order to make a Dunning Novupack implementation as smooth and straightforward as possible, we follow a well-established and proven methodology at every customer:

Demo of the Solution

We demonstrate our solution and its functionalities during a 30-minute call, including a 20-minute walkthrough and a 10-minute Q&A session.

Requirements Gathering Meeting

Together with the customer, we assess their requirements and potential gaps, proposing a standard bundle and adding the necessary customizations based on their specific needs.

Prototype 1 in Sandbox and User Testing

Once the proposition is signed off, we configure an initial prototype within 5 business days. A one-hour training session is organized, enabling users to perform tests during the following 5 business days.

Prototype 2 in Sandbox

The testing phase is concluded by a tests review session, wherein users provide feedback on the initial prototype. Based on this information, we make agreed adjustments within the next 5 business days.

Production Deployment and Go-live

Once the prototype is set and done, we deploy all features in the customer’s production account. We define a Go-live date and provide tips and best practices for confidently using the bundle.  


Throughout the Dunning Novupack implementation, our commitment to a seamless experience includes having an experienced team member accompany users. This support ensures expert guidance during requirements gathering, user testing, and Go-live phases.  Our team members host training and testing review sessions, offering insights and addressing queries. During the Go-live phase, our experts remain available for assistance, ensuring a smooth transition and resolving any potential issues. Our approach is validated by Baywa, a.o. They are a highly regarded client, who adeptly executed the Dunning Novupack methodology through these meticulous steps. This personalized support underscores our dedication to delivering not just a robust methodology but a hands-on, user-centric approach, guaranteeing a successful and well-supported implementation journey for our customers.  


Novutech's Dunning Implementation Methodology distinguishes itself by providing a simple and flexible approach to implementing our Dunning Novupack. The step-by-step approach, encompassing demo sessions, requirements gathering, prototype development, and production deployment, ensures a tailored and efficient implementation.  The methodology's emphasis on prototypes and user testing reflects Novutech’s commitment to meeting client needs and refining solutions based on valuable user feedback. This comprehensive approach ensures a smooth and optimized implementation experience for clients seeking an automated solution for managing overdue balances and sending dunning letters in their Accounts Receivable.
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What our customers say about us

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IT Services and IT Consulting

“The real added value for Actito is that Novutech started implementing from scratch so they know everything, the constraints, the technical environment, the people so it is easy for them to understand what Actito needs and knowing the history, Novutech can build further and further in a smooth way which makes things really easy and fast.”

Brieuc Noel de Burlin – System Manager & ADV Team leader

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Beverage Manufacturing

“Novutech’s strengths are really expertise and proximity. They are growing, they have offices in other countries which interests us a lot since we are present around the world.”

Sébastien Charlier – IT Director

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Yoga Room

Health, Wellness & Fitness

“NetSuite fit perfectly for our group because this ERP simplifies the centralization and the processing of accounting and financial data for multiple companies in differents countries, while being compliant with local legislation. In the end, we get a single and clear reporting that includes data from each point of sale in a single, standardized dashboard, regardless of its location and the company .”

Benjamin Bertho, Head of Finance & Administration

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Computer Software

NetSuite is a really intuitive, flexible and scalable solution, which allows Templafy to grow and scale globally.

We are very pleased with the services provided by Novutech, which really helped us make a quick and thorough implementation of NetSuite. In my opinion, they are not only implementation consultants, but also an important sparring partner, providing advice both during and after the implementation phase, when necessary.“

Niels Simonsen, Head of Finance

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Solar Screen

Business Supplies & Equipment

“Changing ERP for a business is always a big bang. It’s a project that is exciting and at the same time frightening given the impact on all users, on all processes, and it was super important to find for us a company that shares our values, our DNA, and we have found in Novutech a company which, like us, puts the success of its projects and customer satisfaction first, and, in Novutech, we found interlocutors who wanted to understand our processes, who wanted to help us, who supported us from the start, and who continue to accompany us today with a real common interest in making the system appealing to all users.”

Nicolas Hoet, COO Solar Screen

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