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Simple, user-friendly, robust and scalable. NetSuite is the best-in class business software for startup and mid size businesses

We believe that a good ERP system should allow your business to run efficiently. We are convinced that a great ERP like NetSuite can lead you to tremendous growth by reducing the number of manual tasks, making your people work on things that matter, or having a complete visibility on every aspect of your operations at any time.

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Discover our Bank Connectivity solution with Isabel and Ponto to download bank statements in your NetSuite account in full reliability and push payments files into your banks in one click.

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Amortization Schedule

Update of Journal Entries created from Amortization Schedule

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Suite Analytics

Discover Suite Analytics NovuPack.

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Discover our tailor-made, flexible and ready-to-use Dunning Novupack.

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Localisation Belgium

Discover our SuiteSolution Belgium Localisation Pack that offers additional solutions to better meet legal and accounting compliance for Belgian GAAP processes, in addition to what NetSuite offers in the standard functionalities and localization bundle.

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When it comes to implementing a broad solution like NetSuite, it is important to have the right skills in the right positions. This is why working with a partner like Novutech is important. We are more than just a service company. We have local knowledge, technical expertise and industry know-how. We have the DNA of a start-up, with the capability and the excellent standards of large companies.

Our values of collaboration and teamwork, innovation and knowledge, and transparency define who we are. Let’s succeed together in your business and your digital transformation today.

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Elevate Your Project Management with NetSuite's SuiteProjects: A Comprehensive Guide

NetSuite articles

October 08 2021

Improve your services company's efficiency and profitability with NetSuite's SuiteProjects, a robust Professional Services Automation tool. This comprehensive guide explores detailed resource allocation, project profitability and revenue recognition, showcasing how SuiteProjects enhances business operations through extensive visibility, flexibility, and accuracy. As a services company, optimizing operations and managing customer projects is crucial. NetSuite's SuiteProjects stands out among its competitors by offering a comprehensive Professional Services Automation (PSA) solution natively built on the NetSuite platform. Unlike standalone project management or finance tools, SuiteProjects integrates seamlessly with CRM, HR, and ERP modules, eliminating the need for costly integrations. It drives efficiency and profitability throughout the services business lifecycle, streamlining operations, improving resource utilization, and expediting billing cycles.  SuiteProjects offers unparalleled visibility into the organization's performance, with real-time reporting on key metrics. Compared to other solutions, SuiteProjects helps businesses complete projects faster, generate accurate invoices efficiently, and streamline accounts receivable cycles, ultimately improving cash flow and eliminating revenue leakage.

Novutech's 4-Layered Approach: Maximizing Results in NetSuite

At Novutech, we've developed a 4-layered approach within SuiteProjects that revolutionizes operations and enhances profitability for our clients. Here's why our approach is unparalleled:

Administration: Streamlined Project Setup

We've emphasized the efficiency of predefined templates and their adaptability to individual project needs, highlighting the time and resource-saving benefits.

Project Level: Precision in Resource Allocation

Allocate resources, set preferences, define budgets, and configure features at the project level. SuiteProjects facilitates creating project structures, milestones, tasks, and generating Gantt charts for a comprehensive project overview. Suite Projects

Operations: Day-to-Day Excellence

Leverage SuiteProjects for day-to-day operations within NetSuite. Explore various options to precisely define project roles, billing classes, and project costing. Enable time and expenses to account accurately for labor and project-related costs.

Financials: Unleashing SuiteProjects' Superpowers

SuiteProjects integrates seamlessly with NetSuite's core accounting strengths. Manage billing effortlessly, supporting various billing rules such as Time and Materials Billing, Fixed Price Billing, and Milestone Billing. Additionally, SuiteProjects handles revenue intricacies with ease, generating plans from sales transactions or projects directly.  By reflecting all financial transactions in detailed financial reporting, SuiteProjects empowers businesses with comprehensive insights into their project-driven financial performance. Suite Projects Suite project

Conclusion: Unparalleled Advantage with SuiteProjects

In summary, Novutech's 4-layered approach within SuiteProjects offers a comprehensive solution that not only streamlines operations but also maximizes profitability.  By focusing on streamlined project setup, precision in resource allocation, day-to-day operational excellence, unleashing SuiteProjects' financial capabilities, and providing unmatched visibility through tailor-made reporting, our approach enables clients to save money, gain more revenue, and achieve sustainable business success in the competitive Professional Services landscape.
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Ever wondered what the first three weeks of onboarding at Novutech look like? Let me walk you through it!

Novutech culture

October 08 2021

As a newly onboarded Business Analyst at Novutech, I wanted to share some insights into the initial weeks of my journey. 

Welcome to Novutech

  • A small speed dating session with the entire team, over a hearty breakfast.
  • A ready-to-use workspace. It may seem trivial, but it's not always the case. 
  • Scheduled video conferences during your first week. To dive headfirst into client meetings? Not at all! Several team members, spread across different entities of the NovuTeam, take the time to explain how to install and use the various tools at your disposal.
It’s a solid foundation to begin your journey!

Dive into the NovuWorld

Once you're settled, the immersion begins:
  • Immediate access to internal tools enables new team members to immerse themselves in the company's ecosystem right from the start, fostering productivity from day one. Just to name a few of these tools: Confluence, Jira, Notion. 
  • Our culture thrives on sharing experiences, challenges, and time-saving tips via collaborative tools that contribute to the company's growth. E.g. Google Chat is used intensively for internal Q&A.
  • Training takes various forms, from e-learning sessions with practical exercises to hands-on teaching during a comprehensive two-day session hosted by Oracle NetSuite. Additionally, our in-house Accounting Expert conducts training on Finance fundamentals, ensuring a well-rounded understanding.

OneTeam, Continuous Growth

At Novutech, borders don't constrain us; they open doors to innovative collaborations. Through cross-functional projects, we build team cohesion that transcends geographical boundaries, fostering individual growth and company scalability. We integrate new team members into small projects across borders right from the start. Simultaneously, we openly discuss evolving career plans within the team, aligning individual contributions with collective goals, fostering a shared vision for growth and success.

Vibrant Company Culture

Company culture is more than just words here. It's about genuine support, accessibility, and dedicated buddy systems that ensure your professional and personal well-being. This rapid sense of belonging motivates new employees to invest fully in our missions and values. A good example of our supportive culture is the weekly invite on Fridays to send kudos to the team member you found to be especially helpful or value-adding to the team.

Encouraging Innovation

Novutech values creativity and diverse talents. Whether it's organizational skills, financial insights, or even culinary expertise, everyone is encouraged to share and contribute. Interactive sessions, team gatherings, and various events throughout the year foster an environment where everyone's input matters, regardless of tenure.


Our onboarding process isn’t merely administrative; it’s an immersive, welcoming experience. By prioritizing quality onboarding, we aim for the commitment and investment of our new team members, nurturing their loyalty and engagement. And hey, if you’re still on the fence about joining us, I hope this paints a clearer picture of what to expect.    P.S.: Keep an eye out for our exciting events throughout the year – you might just join us during a festive onboarding!
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Integrating Web Development with Le Wagon at Novutech

Broad ERP/Tech Novutech culture

October 08 2021

A testimony about career transformation by Adrien Hucq. A few months ago, I had the unique opportunity to undergo training organized by Le Wagon Brussels to become a Web Developer. In this article, I will share the reasons behind choosing this training and explain how I successfully integrated these new skills into my role as a Business Consultant at Novutech.  

Le Wagon: an Internationally Recognized Training

Le Wagon is a training organization offering various programs, both in-person and online, in over 45 cities worldwide. Among their offerings, the Web Developer program stands out. Available in two formats—either evening classes over six months or an intensive nine-weeks all-day program—, this curriculum aims to impart skills in JavaScript, Ruby, SQL, HTML & CSS, Github, and Figma. The learning process at Le Wagon involves intense theoretical sessions followed by challenging practical exercises, encouraging students to deepen their understanding. Researching documentation and engaging with fellow students are also key aspects of the journey. Lastly, students participate in a practical project, applying all acquired skills in real-world scenarios.

Why I Chose Le Wagon?

My interest in development and coding dates back to my academic years, and it intensified through interactions with various technologies at Novutech. Collaborating with technical consultants during projects sparked my desire to learn more about their work. In alignment with my management, I undertook a transition towards the technical side of Novutech to broaden my skills. The decision to choose Le Wagon was strengthened by the fact that many technical consultants at Novutech had undergone this training, attesting to its quality. Opting for a short and intensive training, I aimed to fully immerse myself in this new experience and quickly acquire these new skills.

Benefits of Choosing Le Wagon

Opting for training provided by Le Wagon offers several significant advantages:
  • Rapid Immersion: the intensive nine-week format allows for complete immersion in the world of development, thus accelerating the learning process.
  • Practical Approach: practical exercises and the final hands-on project provide a concrete experience, allowing students to develop skills that are directly applicable in a professional setting.
  • Quality Guidance: Wagon's instructors are experienced professionals who ensure quality guidance, fostering a deep understanding of the taught concepts.
  • Professional Network: training at Le Wagon provides an opportunity to build connections with other professionals in the field, expanding one's professional network.
  • Adaptability: whether geared towards a complete career change or just for essential skills enhancement, the flexibility of Le Wagon's programs adapts to each individual student's needs.
These benefits make Le Wagon a prudent choice for those seeking to quickly acquire advanced skills while benefiting from personalized support and an immersive experience.  

A Well-Planned Transition

To meet my specific request for an intensive two-month training, I had to take leave from Novutech. Fortunately, the company had set up a support cell internally for training, making my departure more manageable. Various mechanisms were put in place to alleviate the workload associated with my absence, covering as much as possible in terms of the training. Internal objectives were also set to ensure a coherent integration of this training on my side.  

After the Training: A Successful Transition

Upon my return to Novutech, I transitioned to the technical side while continuing to work as a Business Consultant. This unique arrangement spanned several months during which I balanced my functional responsibilities with the exploration of technical tasks. This gradual adaptation process allowed me not only to continue working on projects upon my return to Novutech, but also to rediscover a significant part of Novutech's business by applying what I had learned during the training.
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A Journey through ERP and Alternatives

Broad ERP/Tech

October 08 2021

The journey through ERP and alternatives explores various software solutions for businesses facing evolving needs and technological changes. It begins with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), an integrated system managing processes like accounting and HR, ideal for growing organizations with complex operations.

ERP - An All-in-One Solution

ERP, or Enterprise Resource Planning, acts as a comprehensive solution for businesses, integrating functions like finance, HR, and inventory management. It streamlines operations by eliminating duplicate data entry and enhancing workflow efficiency. Its data integration ensures seamless communication between departments, enabling detailed reporting for informed decisions. ERP's scalability accommodates business growth with modules covering various aspects like finance, supply chain, HR, CRM, and production. However, ERP implementation is complex, requiring meticulous planning, including process mapping, training, and system customization. Choosing ERP necessitates careful alignment with current needs, growth goals, and financial resources. Despite complexities, it remains a potent tool for enhancing efficiency, data integration, and decision-making in business operations.

Specialization in Action

Best-of-Breed software specializes in distinct business functions like accounting or CRM, offering advanced functionality and expertise. Organizations choose these solutions for their in-depth capabilities, flexibility in tool selection, cost-effectiveness for specific needs, expert domain knowledge, and integration capabilities. However, integrating these solutions requires specialized middleware or API development, posing a challenge. Determining the right mix involves assessing needs, integration requirements, cost analysis, and scalability. This approach allows for a personalized software adventure but requires careful planning aligned with organizational goals. Finding the right specialized pieces is key to completing the larger business picture.

Accessibility and Convenience

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) in the cloud allows access to applications via the internet on a subscription basis, eliminating local installations and maintenance. SaaS provides quick deployment, scalability, and managed updates, reducing maintenance worries. Its accessibility suits remote work scenarios and reduces initial investment through subscription pricing. SaaS spans various domains like office productivity, finance, CRM, and project management. Considerations for SaaS deployment involve stringent security measures, integration capabilities, customization options, and understanding service level agreements. It has transformed work practices by offering accessibility, flexibility, and cost savings. However, organizations must thoroughly assess SaaS solutions to align with specific needs while maintaining high security and performance standards.

A unique solution

Custom software development tailors solutions to fit organizations' unique processes and needs, prioritizing their requirements over off-the-shelf software. Customization provides unparalleled flexibility, optimizing processes, eliminating unnecessary features for cost efficiency, and offering a competitive edge while growing with the organization as a long-term investment. The development process involves identifying needs, drafting detailed specifications, and iterative stages of software building, testing, and refinement for alignment with organizational requirements. Despite benefits, custom software poses challenges such as high development costs and time, ongoing maintenance, potential dependency on developers, and the need for adaptability to changing business conditions. It offers extensive customization options, optimizing processes, and fostering a competitive edge for organizations unable to meet needs with standard solutions. However, opting for custom software requires careful consideration of associated costs, specific needs, and future growth expectations.

Community and Freedom

Open-source software provides powerful solutions free from closed system constraints, enabling public access to source code for viewing, modifying, improving, and distributing. It fosters collaborative software development. Reasons for choosing open source over proprietary systems include cost savings, customization via accessible source code, independence from single vendors, community-driven improvement, and transparent security assessment. It's used across various domains like operating systems (Linux), office productivity (LibreOffice), web development (Apache, PHP, MySQL), content management (WordPress, Drupal, Joomla), and databases (PostgreSQL, MySQL). However, challenges include the need for external support, management complexity, implementation challenges, and the necessity for staff training to understand the software. This model marks a paradigm shift, granting organizations freedom to use, customize, and share solutions without ownership restrictions or vendor dependency. Its success relies on a collaborative ethos, empowering organizations to leverage technology while upholding principles of collaboration and freedom.

The Choice of Software

Selecting software isn't merely a one-time choice but a strategic decision that profoundly impacts organizations. A software strategy encompasses planning, implementation, and management of an entire software ecosystem, considering factors beyond individual applications to align with business objectives:
  • Alignment with Business Goals
  • Scalability
  • Cost Management
  • User Experience
  • Security and Compliance
  • Integration.
In the evaluation phase, a structured approach is key:
  • Needs Analysis
  • Options Exploration.
  • Supplier Comparison.
  • Proof of Concept (PoC).
  • Cost and Security Analysis
  • User Feedback.
Continuous evaluation and adaptation are essential:
  • Continuous Evaluation
  • Upgrades and Adaptation.
Choosing the right software aligns strategically with organizational performance and efficiency. Organizations should comprehend the long-term implications of their software choices, developing and evolving a thoughtful software strategy to find a strategic partner that aids in achieving success and goals.

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Unlocking Operational Excellence: 10 Ways ERP Redefines Business Operations

NetSuite articles

October 08 2021

In today's fiercely competitive landscape, staying ahead demands more than just innovation—it requires efficiency and agility. That's where business automation steps in, and ERP emerges as your strategic ally. It's not just another platform; it's the catalyst for your company's growth, offering a myriad of personalized benefits across industries and scales.

1. Powering Your Efficiency

ERP, from its initial conception, has always served as a catalyst for efficiency by automating repetitive tasks across various business functions. Picture a scenario where routine processes in finance, inventory, and customer management are seamlessly streamlined, allowing your team to redirect efforts toward strategic initiatives that foster growth and innovation. This isn't just about saving time; it's about empowering your workforce to focus on tasks that drive real value and propel your business forward.

2. Real-time Insights for Strategic Decisions

In a rapidly evolving market, advanced reporting and analytics offer a real-time window into your business's performance. Modern ERP, often enriched with BI tools, provide access to crucial data points that inform decisions instantly. Imagine being able to track sales trends, inventory levels, or customer behaviors as they unfold, enabling quick adjustments in strategies or operations for optimal outcomes. It's about having the right information at the right moment to navigate market dynamics effectively.

3. Scalability that Grows with You

Scalability isn't just about accommodating your current business size—it's about future-proofing. As your company expands, the ERP platform should seamlessly adapt, offering expanded functionalities without disruptions. Think of it as a flexible framework that evolves alongside your ambitions, ensuring that your tools and resources align with the evolving needs of your growing business.

4. Elevating Customer Service

Customer-centricity is a cornerstone for success in every business. ERP with embedded CRM capabilities centralize customer interactions and integrate e-commerce operations, fostering a seamless and personalized customer journey. This means tracking customer preferences, purchase histories, and service interactions comprehensively. It's about providing a level of service that not only meets but exceeds expectations, building lasting relationships that drive loyalty and repeat business.

5. Mastering Inventory Management

Efficient inventory management is a delicate balance between cost and availability. Sophisticated tools in today’s leading ERP platforms optimize inventory levels, preventing overstocking or shortages. Picture a system that uses advanced algorithms to forecast demand, ensuring that your shelves are stocked just right. It's about minimizing excess inventory while guaranteeing products are always available, crucial for maintaining customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

6. Financial Control and Stability

A financial tool isn't just about tracking numbers; it's about providing stability and foresight. From precise accounting to accurate forecasting, it empowers you to make informed financial decisions. Think of it as a compass that guides your business through economic uncertainties, ensuring a solid financial footing for sustained growth.

7. Mobilizing Your Workforce

Flexibility breeds efficiency, and mobile accessibility to your ERP backbone liberates your workforce from geographical constraints. Imagine the freedom for your teams to access critical data and collaborate from anywhere, ensuring swift responses to opportunities or challenges. This isn't just remote access; it's about fostering a culture of adaptability and responsiveness, enhancing productivity regardless of physical locations.

8. Fortified Security and Compliance

In a world where data security is paramount, robust security measures and compliance protocols offer peace of mind. It's not just about meeting standards like SOX, GDPR, or HIPAA; it's about safeguarding your business's sensitive information against evolving threats. Think of it as a fortress built around your data, ensuring confidentiality and integrity.

9. Driving Cost Efficiency

The automation provided by an ERP system  isn't solely about saving on operational costs; it's about optimizing resource allocation. By automating processes and enhancing efficiency, it directly impacts your company's profitability. Picture a scenario where streamlined operations not only cut down on unnecessary expenses but also enhance your competitive edge in the market.

10. Seamless Integration for Enhanced Efficiency

Integration prowess is a game-changer without the hassle of system overhauls. Imagine a seamless alignment between your state-of-the-art, cloud ERP system and your existing tools and systems. This isn't about disrupting established workflows; it's about enhancing them. It's like fitting pieces of a puzzle together, where ERP seamlessly integrates with your operations, amplifying efficiency while maintaining the familiarity and added value of your current systems and processes.


ERP isn't just software; it's your strategic companion, empowering start-ups to fortify their foundations, scale-ups to take the next step on their growth path and enabling established enterprises to optimize operations.  With NetSuite, the leading cloud ERP offering all of the above and more, we help you unlock your business's full potential, navigate challenges, and thrive in today's cutthroat business environment.
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Unlocking the Power of NetSuite Merchandise Hierarchy for Optimal Catalogue Structuring

NetSuite articles

October 08 2021


From our experience working with companies in the Distribution, Retail and E-commerce industries, we know that they almost always measure sales margins, look at inventory levels or assign promotions per group of items belonging to a certain family or subfamily. Today, we invite you to discover a hidden gem within NetSuite—the Merchandise Hierarchy. This often-overlooked functionality allows you to create a structured tree within your item catalogue, enhancing reporting, analytics, boosting sales, optimizing stock levels, and seamlessly integrating with your e-commerce platform.  

Activating Merchandise Hierarchy:

To begin, activate the Merchandise Hierarchy feature in NetSuite by navigating to setup - company - enable features - subtab “Items and Inventory.” Once enabled, a new menu will appear under setup, along with a dedicated subtab within the items section.  

Setting Up the Hierarchy

Utilize the Hierarchy Manager to easily build a dynamic hierarchy. Create nodes and levels to categorize and assign items efficiently. Multiple hierarchy versions can be employed simultaneously, catering to your general item catalogue and specific transactions, such as sales or purchases.  

Example Hierarchy Setup

Consider a scenario where you sell home cinema equipment. Your hierarchy might look like this:
Level Nodes
Store My home entertainment shop
Company/Brand Sony, Samsung,  LG, Philips
Product Group TV, soundbar, accessories
Department (for TV) LCD, LED, OLED, QLED, Miniled
Class 40-43”, 50-55”, 65”

Attributes and Item Level

Enhance the hierarchy further by adding attributes to items, such as color, material, size, or specific features like HDMI connectors, ambi-light, or refresh rate for TVs. Attributes describe the characteristics of your products across the Hierarchy, giving you greater flexibility to slice your workbooks and reports as needed, and no longer limiting you to your product classification by hierarchy nodes.  

Dynamic Tree Structure

The Merchandise Hierarchy provides a dynamic, graphical representation of the tree structure. Explore levels, nodes, and connected items, allowing for easy navigation and management. When a node has no child connected, items can be added at that level. Hierarchy Manager

Utilizing Hierarchy Information

Once set up, leverage the hierarchy's insights through reports and saved searches. Specific reports include Sales by Item, Purchase by Item, Current Inventory, and the SuiteAnalytics Merchandise Hierarchy Workbook.  

Key Reports for Informed Decision-Making

  • Sales by Item Report: identify top-selling products and areas for improvement within each hierarchy level.
  • Purchase by Item Report: gain insights into purchasing patterns and make strategic decisions based on hierarchy data.
  • Current Inventory Report: monitor stock levels, turnover rates, and overall merchandise hierarchy health.

Enhancing Saved Searches

Integrate the Merchandise Hierarchy into saved searches for promotions, price levels, and more, offering a comprehensive approach to utilizing this powerful functionality in NetSuite.  


Unlock the full potential of your item catalogue with NetSuite's Merchandise Hierarchy. Streamline your operations, gain valuable insights, and elevate your e-commerce experience. Activate this feature today and witness the transformation in your business's efficiency and decision-making capabilities. Need help? Reach out to our Retail & eCommerce experts today.  
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Meet Mark

Meet the Team

October 08 2021

Navigating the Professional Journey: From Bike Mechanic to NetSuite ERP Consultant - Meet Mark's Inspiring Career Path

Embarking on a Non-Traditional Path

When I started college in 2005, I quickly realized this was not the way for me. I was mostly interested in the practical side of things, not so much in the theory behind. After just half a year of college I stopped and started working. I was convinced there would be other ways to learn and become experienced in my professional life. This was back in 2006 already. From there, my journey started to where I’m now.   

Pedaling into the Workforce

In 2006 I started my first job as a bike mechanic. I was very passionate about cycling, riding races in the weekends and working on bikes during the week. In my free time I started building some websites. For a while there was my own website about cycling, and a website for a fundraiser project I helped with. At this point, IT started to interest me already.  After a few years as a bike mechanic, I switched to a distribution company, of course also in the cycling industry. I started in the warehouse/assembly department of the company, but quickly found my way into logistics. I reckoned a few things could be made easier, the assembly process could be more efficient, and after some of these improvement ideas were actually implemented, I was promoted to the role of logistics coordinator, still working hands-on on day-to-day tasks within the logistics department, but also trying to improve where possible.   

Navigating Industry Shifts

Then came 2013, and the distribution company went bankrupt. Fortunately I was picked up by a new company who could use my logistics experience. This company produced and sold cycling shoes. Lake Cycling used to be a US based company, but two entrepreneurs from the Netherlands took over the company and brought it back to life. I came in at the very start and had the opportunity to help shape the company’s logistics. One of the essential steps was the selection of an ERP system. This is where Netsuite came into my life. In my previous job I worked with Microsoft Navision, but for Lake Cycling we needed something more flexible and, as we traveled around the world much of our time to meet colleagues located in China and the US, accessibility to the system was very important.  

NetSuite Chronicles

After a short selection round, we chose Netsuite as our new system and ERP Fastforward (who became Fast Four and is now part of Zone&Co) as our implementation partner. The main reasons why we selected Netsuite in those days, still stand true today. Scalability, flexibility and a true cloud solution.  I took the lead on the NetSuite implementation for Lake Cycling, working in tandem with Hylke Sluis of ERP Fastforward. We implemented all Finance, Order-to-Cash and Logistics processes. This was my first experience with Netsuite as a user and afterwards, as the system administrator.   

Consulting Evolution

From 2014 to 2019 I worked in various logistics roles, within manufacturing and transport, where I gained a lot of first-hand experience on all these processes within various systems. In 2019 I got back in touch with Hylke Sluis and met the Fast Four team of by then 35 consultants in Amsterdam. Hylke convinced me to make the switch and become a NetSuite ERP consultant specialized in logistics, and this turned out to be one of the best decisions I ever made.   

Journey with Novutech

Since then, I’m part of the team which is now Novutech. Since my start in 2020, I have worked on 5 implementation projects within the manufacturing, software, retail and e-commerce industries, as well as on various optimization projects at our existing customers. From 2022, I also joined our pre-sales team, demoing NetSuite in general to prospects, or setting up specific tailored concept demos to show what NetSuite can do for them.  With the on-hand experience from my previous jobs and all the knowledge I gained within NetSuite, I can transform our clients business processes into solutions within Netsuite so they can improve their way of working and be prepared for the next steps in their growth.  With this work I get a look into the kitchen of some very interesting companies, all with their own processes and way of working. Meeting new people every year and building a relationship with customers gives me a lot of energy and motivation. With every new project I learn more and this allows me to bring this experience to the next project.
Profile photo of Mark Zegers
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Volume Based Landed Cost 

NetSuite articles

October 08 2021

What is the Landed Cost?

Landed cost is the total cost of a product, accumulating all expenses required to receive the product from the supplier during the procurement process. It includes the actual purchase price of the goods and all shipment charges, freight charges, duty fees, taxes, insurance and all the other costs incurred along the way.  In today's competitive conditions, calculating the landed cost accurately is crucial for companies, more than ever. Proper calculation of product costs enables determining the sales price as precise as possible, whilst still guaranteeing profitability.  

How to manage Landed Cost in Netsuite?

NetSuite's Landed Cost Management module seamlessly integrates with Purchase Orders, Inbound Shipments and Vendor Bills, facilitating the inclusion and allocation of supplementary expenses like shipping, insurance, and customs duties. It incorporates diverse allocation methods such as by weight, quantity, value, or even customizable approaches, on global transaction or line item level, ensuring precise and efficient cost assignment. The system automatically computes the total asset cost for received items, while robust reporting tools offer comprehensive insights into landed costs in real time. This empowers informed decision-making for procurement and logistics, ensuring financial accuracy, compliance, and optimized inventory management within the NetSuite platform.

Novutech Landed Cost Solution

Out-of-the-box, Netsuite provides 3 cost allocation methods: weight, quantity and value. However, for some companies who source very diverse items from multiple suppliers in (mostly) overseas countries, the requirements for proper tracking of landed cost are more demanding. One example would be the import of lightweight, high volume items in sea containers, which requires the purchaser to allocate the shipping costs to the different items based on the volume they take up in each container. Based on our experience working for customers with such diverse supply chains, Novutech brings you a comprehensive solution to have more flexibility on landed cost, featuring volume based and even customized allocation methods. Besides, our solution also caters for the recording of additional costs for Inbound shipments after receiving and the subsequent recalculation of the item costs for historic receipts.  

Key Features

  • Volume Based Landed Cost 
  • Landed Cost over duty Percentages
  • Based on inbound shipments 
  • Flexibility to add expenses after receipt 
  • Recalculation for open periods
  • Multicurrency

Customized allocation methods

Landed cost record Novutech Landed cost solution

Novutech Landed cost solution allows users to enter volume and duty information on the item level. 

Novutech Landed cost solution

Intuitive and time saving entry form for landed costs, with visibility of inbound shipments

Novutech Landed cost solution

Custom Landed Cost Process

The custom process developed by Novutech includes the following steps:
  • Landed cost transactions are created by users and applied onto an inbound shipment,  after bills and manually entered transactions are completed 
  • Users can process all the charges over receipts which are related with the specific inbound shipment.   
  • During the allocation process, the Netsuite landed cost lines will be updated with the data sourced from Novutech’s landed cost form.  
  • This allocation process can be re-run for open periods. 
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IT Services and IT Consulting

“The real added value for Actito is that Novutech started implementing from scratch so they know everything, the constraints, the technical environment, the people so it is easy for them to understand what Actito needs and knowing the history, Novutech can build further and further in a smooth way which makes things really easy and fast.”

Brieuc Noel de Burlin – System Manager & ADV Team leader

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Beverage Manufacturing

“Novutech’s strengths are really expertise and proximity. They are growing, they have offices in other countries which interests us a lot since we are present around the world.”

Sébastien Charlier – IT Director

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“NetSuite fit perfectly for our group because this ERP simplifies the centralization and the processing of accounting and financial data for multiple companies in differents countries, while being compliant with local legislation. In the end, we get a single and clear reporting that includes data from each point of sale in a single, standardized dashboard, regardless of its location and the company .”

Benjamin Bertho, Head of Finance & Administration

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NetSuite is a really intuitive, flexible and scalable solution, which allows Templafy to grow and scale globally.

We are very pleased with the services provided by Novutech, which really helped us make a quick and thorough implementation of NetSuite. In my opinion, they are not only implementation consultants, but also an important sparring partner, providing advice both during and after the implementation phase, when necessary.“

Niels Simonsen, Head of Finance

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“Changing ERP for a business is always a big bang. It’s a project that is exciting and at the same time frightening given the impact on all users, on all processes, and it was super important to find for us a company that shares our values, our DNA, and we have found in Novutech a company which, like us, puts the success of its projects and customer satisfaction first, and, in Novutech, we found interlocutors who wanted to understand our processes, who wanted to help us, who supported us from the start, and who continue to accompany us today with a real common interest in making the system appealing to all users.”

Nicolas Hoet, COO Solar Screen

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