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Simple, user-friendly, robust and scalable. NetSuite is the best-in class business software for startup and mid size businesses

We believe that a good ERP system should allow your business to run efficiently. We are convinced that a great ERP like NetSuite can lead you to tremendous growth by reducing the number of manual tasks, making your people work on things that matter, or having a complete visibility on every aspect of your operations at any time.

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Discover our Bank Connectivity solution with Isabel and Ponto to download bank statements in your NetSuite account in full reliability and push payments files into your banks in one click.

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Amortization Schedule

Update of Journal Entries created from Amortization Schedule

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Suite Analytics

Discover Suite Analytics NovuPack.

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Discover our tailor-made, flexible and ready-to-use Dunning Novupack.

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Localisation Belgium

Discover our SuiteSolution Belgium Localisation Pack that offers additional solutions to better meet legal and accounting compliance for Belgian GAAP processes, in addition to what NetSuite offers in the standard functionalities and localization bundle.

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Work with the right partner to get the most out of the NetSuite solution

When it comes to implementing a broad solution like NetSuite, it is important to have the right skills in the right positions. This is why working with a partner like Novutech is important. We are more than just a service company. We have local knowledge, technical expertise and industry know-how. We have the DNA of a start-up, with the capability and the excellent standards of large companies.

Our values of collaboration and teamwork, innovation and knowledge, and transparency define who we are. Let’s succeed together in your business and your digital transformation today.

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NetSuite optimization for SaaS Businesses

NetSuite articles

October 08 2021

Making the most of NetSuite: Strategic tech stack optimization for thriving SaaS Businesses



In the rapidly evolving SaaS landscape, maintaining an optimized tech stack has become vital for business agility, scalability, and competitiveness. Many SaaS companies struggle with the challenge of selecting the right technology mix to support their growth and operational efficiency. NetSuite emerges as a pivotal solution, offering comprehensive, flexible, and scalable ERP capabilities (from billing to seamless integrations capabilities) tailored to the unique needs of the SaaS industry.  

Optimizing your Tech Stack for Saas Businesses with NetSuite 

The growth of the SaaS industry and the tech stack imperative

As the SaaS industry is booming, companies are increasingly pressured to adopt technology solutions that not only scale with their growth but also offer the agility to adapt to changing market dynamics. The right tech stack is crucial for fostering innovation, enhancing customer experiences, and sustaining competitive advantage.  NetSuite stands out as a comprehensive, unified platform designed to meet these needs, providing robust functionalities tailored for SaaS businesses.

NetSuite for SaaS: Beyond basic functionality

NetSuite has proven to excel well beyond standard ERP capabilities, offering a specialized focus on SaaS metrics and reporting, order-to-cash processes, and subscription management as well as advanced revenue recognition. The platform's adaptability allows for the monitoring of crucial KPIs, such as Monthly Recurring Revenue (including Sales/Contracted MRR versus posted MRR Accounting-wise), Churn Rate, and Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV), enabling businesses to make data-driven decisions and strategize effectively.

Customized billing systems: A Game-changer

In the realm of SaaS, where subscription models reign, a flexible and reliable billing system isn't just beneficial – it's essential. SuiteBilling, NetSuite's standard billing engine, or the advanced ZoneBilling SuiteApp (for even more flexibility) are able to support simple to complex billing scenarios, supporting various pricing models, tiers, and subscription terms. This flexibility ensures that SaaS companies can innovate their pricing strategies without being hamstrung by technological limitations.

Unified platform vs. Best of breed: Making the right choice

Choosing between a unified platform like NetSuite and a best-of-breed approach is a pivotal decision for SaaS companies. While best-of-breed solutions offer deep functionality in specific areas, they often introduce complexity in integration and data consistency and they do not offer a complete overview of the business status. NetSuite provides a cohesive, integrated suite that ensures real-time visibility, consistency, and control across all business functions, which is crucial for fast-paced SaaS environments. In reality, a few best-of-breed solutions are often added to the NetSuite hub, to provide even richer functionality in specific business domains. As highlighted below with a concrete use case of a Danish scale-up, Novutech enables SaaS businesses to rethink their Tech Landscape by reducing the number of tools in their own legacy IT ecosystem and introducing NetSuite as the financial and subscription backbone system in the center of the SaaS organization, streamlining their operations for efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Real-world use cases: NetSuite with Novutech in action

Illustrating the impact of NetSuite through real-world scenarios, we see how companies have leveraged the platform to align their revenue and cost models efficiently, automate their billing processes, and gain actionable insights through advanced analytics. These use cases underscore NetSuite's capability to support SaaS companies' unique requirements and drive their success in a competitive market. Novutech has been able to support European tech start-ups and scale-ups in their digital transformation journey by implementing NetSuite SuiteBilling or ZoneBilling with Salesforce, Hubspot or other in-house CRM systems, as well as integrating with third party tools like Zuora, Chargebee or MonetizeNow. 


In the dynamic SaaS industry, optimizing your tech stack is not merely about integrating the latest technologies – it's about selecting a platform that aligns with your business model, enhances your operational efficiency, and supports your growth trajectory. NetSuite emerges as a powerful ally for SaaS businesses, providing a comprehensive suite of tools that cater to the industry's specific needs, from revenue recognition to subscription management and everything in between, and is fully scalable to the size of your business. Choose NetSuite with Novutech, the most qualitative, flexible and effective Consulting & IT partner out there! 
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Novutech’s Dunning Letters Implementation Methodology

NetSuite articles Novutech culture

October 08 2021

Transitioning effortlessly to optimal Accounts Receivable management



When it comes to managing Accounts Receivable efficiently, many clients express interest in a streamlined dunning process to monitor overdue balances and automate the dispatch of dunning letters to their customers in a fully automated way. Our customers prefer a simple, flexible, and efficient approach. Our Dunning Letters NovuPack offers a tailored process that fits our customers’ requirements without unnecessary complexity.  

Implementation stages

In order to make a Dunning Novupack implementation as smooth and straightforward as possible, we follow a well-established and proven methodology at every customer:

Demo of the Solution

We demonstrate our solution and its functionalities during a 30-minute call, including a 20-minute walkthrough and a 10-minute Q&A session.

Requirements Gathering Meeting

Together with the customer, we assess their requirements and potential gaps, proposing a standard bundle and adding the necessary customizations based on their specific needs.

Prototype 1 in Sandbox and User Testing

Once the proposition is signed off, we configure an initial prototype within 5 business days. A one-hour training session is organized, enabling users to perform tests during the following 5 business days.

Prototype 2 in Sandbox

The testing phase is concluded by a tests review session, wherein users provide feedback on the initial prototype. Based on this information, we make agreed adjustments within the next 5 business days.

Production Deployment and Go-live

Once the prototype is set and done, we deploy all features in the customer’s production account. We define a Go-live date and provide tips and best practices for confidently using the bundle.  


Throughout the Dunning Novupack implementation, our commitment to a seamless experience includes having an experienced team member accompany users. This support ensures expert guidance during requirements gathering, user testing, and Go-live phases.  Our team members host training and testing review sessions, offering insights and addressing queries. During the Go-live phase, our experts remain available for assistance, ensuring a smooth transition and resolving any potential issues. Our approach is validated by Baywa, a.o. They are a highly regarded client, who adeptly executed the Dunning Novupack methodology through these meticulous steps. This personalized support underscores our dedication to delivering not just a robust methodology but a hands-on, user-centric approach, guaranteeing a successful and well-supported implementation journey for our customers.  


Novutech's Dunning Implementation Methodology distinguishes itself by providing a simple and flexible approach to implementing our Dunning Novupack. The step-by-step approach, encompassing demo sessions, requirements gathering, prototype development, and production deployment, ensures a tailored and efficient implementation.  The methodology's emphasis on prototypes and user testing reflects Novutech’s commitment to meeting client needs and refining solutions based on valuable user feedback. This comprehensive approach ensures a smooth and optimized implementation experience for clients seeking an automated solution for managing overdue balances and sending dunning letters in their Accounts Receivable.
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Lengow: Customer testimonial

Customer use case

October 08 2021

Who is Lengow?

Since 2009, Lengow has established itself as a major player in the French and European markets by providing an intelligent and automated e-commerce platform. With over 200 integrated marketplaces and 1,400 channels, Lengow supports 4,900 brands and retailers in 64 countries, optimizing their visibility and profitability.

Lengow logo

Issue/Needs - Sustained Growth with Netsuite

The collaboration between Novutech and Lengow was initiated following the successful implementation of NetSuite at Ibanfirst, a long-time client of Novutech. As a portfolio company of Marlin Equity Partners, like Ibanfirst, Lengow was referred to Novutech to benefit from our expertise in Cloud ERP solutions. This marked the beginning of a fruitful collaboration. Needing a robust ERP tool to support their business and expansion, Lengow chose NetSuite to optimize its accounting processes, the bank reconciliation, and the quality of its management reporting through the standardization of KPIs across the various group companies. Novutech extended the implementation to their French and Spanish subsidiaries, anticipating future expansion.

Key NetSuite Features Leveraged by Lengow

In the scope of our partnership, Novutech integrated various powerful NetSuite features to meet the specific needs of Lengow, thus optimizing their process management.
  • Consolidation and Financial Reporting: given Lengow's geographic and multi-company scope, Novutech assisted Lengow teams to integrate their French and Spanish subsidiaries into NetSuite, with comprehensive transactional and reporting tools.
  • Integration with Zuora Tool: NetSuite's flexibility facilitated integration with other software such as Zuora (subscription billing tool).
  • Invoicing and Credit: NetSuite's invoicing feature automated Lengow's processes, improving operational efficiency. Credit management was integrated to ensure secure transactions.
  • Revenue Recognition: automation using Zuora as a source for revenue recognition provides a clear view of financial performance.
  • Supplier Payments Management: NetSuite facilitates supplier payments management for Lengow, ensuring smooth and secure transactions.
  • Integration of ZoneReconcile (Zone & Co): Novutech successfully led the integration of the bank reconciliation tool ZoneReconcile into Lengow's NetSuite tenant, in close collaboration with Zone & Co consultants.
  • Assets Module and Depreciation Management: the use of NetSuite’s Fixed Assets module ensures effective tracking of assets, with precise depreciation management.
  • Transaction Matching and Allocation Schedule: NetSuite offers advanced features to Lengow for transaction matching and allocation schedule, ensuring accurate matching of financial data.
  • Standard NetSuite Transactions: Novutech implemented and trained Lengow on the efficient creation and use of standard NetSuite accounting transactions (Journal entries, Customer and Supplier Invoices and Credits, Customer and Supplier Payments, etc.).
  • Management of Accrued Expense: Novutech assisted Lengow in building expertise in generating accrued expense journal entries.
  • Intercompany Management with our Novupack add-on solution: our Intercompany Automation Novupack was successfully integrated, providing transparent management of intercompany transactions between different subsidiaries.

Benefits of Working with Novutech

  • Accounting Expertise: our team provided essential accounting expertise to ensure accurate accounting.
  • Personalised Support: following a project methodology, we offered step-by-step support.
  • Availability and Travel: our availability and frequent visits to their offices (in France and Spain) were highly appreciated during the implementation.

Challenges Faced

  • Connectivity with Zuora: Customizing the Zuora connector took time and close collaboration with the external provider responsible for the Zuora integration. Challenges related to data quality also arose and had to be resolved.
  • Constantly Evolving Needs: New needs emerged along the way (especially around managing provisions for accounts receivable, etc.).

Current Situation - Growth and Continuous Optimization

Currently, Novutech continues to support Lengow in its growth by providing ongoing support. Our expertise is also being utilized to enhance financial reports and optimize data transmission. In summary, Novutech is proud to be Lengow's trusted partner, helping them achieve their growth objectives through a successful digital transformation. Do you want to know more about our expertise and how we run NetSuite implementations? Contact us
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Andovar: Customer testimonial

Customer use case

October 08 2021

Who is Andovar

Andovar bills itself the ‘Global Translation Company’ and is a renowned service provider specialising in translation and content localization. The company is domiciled in Singapore and has offices in Thailand, Colombia, India and Hungary. They provide one-stop-shop services covering translation, localization, voiceover, dubbing, content creation and localization consultation to assist businesses in effectively reaching international audiences.  Backed by a dedicated team and using industry leading technology, Andovar ensures the delivery of top-notch, culturally relevant content in 265+ language pairs to clients spanning diverse enterprises, such as travel, software, media & advertising, government & NGO, energy, retail, manufacturing and many more. Their unwavering dedication to quality and client satisfaction establishes them as a reliable partner for businesses seeking global expansion and influence.  Since its establishment in 2007, Andovar has become the partner of choice for over 2000 clients, including some of the world’s most influential brands, like Spotify, Sony, AirBnB, Oracle and other household names.

The reason for change/ their needs

Andovar collaborates with over 10,000 freelance translators, each with varying workloads and unique areas of expertise. Over time, the company evaluates and rates these freelancers to determine their suitability for specific tasks.  Managing such a large pool of freelance suppliers can be extremely time-consuming. Not only is there a need to oversee and evaluate their work, but also to follow-up administratively on their frequent requests for profile updates. As translators accumulate experience, they acquire new skills and may wish to modify their source language and target language (or languages), as well as their address, contact information, and other profile data.  Having served as Andovar’s trusted optimization and support partner for their NetSuite ERP system since 2019, Novutech was asked to advise on possible solutions to automate the huge amount of administrative work involved with the management of the freelance service suppliers. In conjunction with the team at Andovar, we designed a solution that would allow translators to autonomously manage most aspects of their profile information, in a self-service mode.  

The solution

Our Novutech development team has developed a fully customized suitelet using HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, and JavaScript. This suitelet serves as a portal for suppliers, providing them with the ability to log in, access their information, and make updates as required. It also offers the convenience of multiple profiles, accommodating suppliers with diverse roles. The complete customization of this suitelet empowers suppliers to effortlessly modify their information within a portal that mirrors the identity and branding of Andovar.  

The benefits

This portal has significantly lightened the workload for the Andovar admin team by reducing the number of manual changes to translator records. Going forward, the Andovar team will only handle critical edits, such as email addresses updates or payment method changes. Additionally, translators now have the benefit of real-time access to their profile information. This enhancement is another good example of the value-adding optimization and support partnership between Novutech and Andovar, where we continuously explore new ways for Andovar to maximize the investment on their NetSuite system.  


“The level of attention paid by Novutech over the last five years and their professionalism has allowed us to kill the basket of bugs, frustrations and wicked problems that we have accumulated over our 17-year NetSuite subscription and develop tailored solutions unique to our industry. Daniel Cooper Chief Technology Officer at Andovar NetSuite is really the only web-based comprehensive platform for SME to multinational firms on the market.  It forms the base operating system for our business and, as we grow and start looking for new features, we find them ready-to-run in NetSuite.” Daniel Cooper Chief Technology Officer at Andovar Do you want to know more about our expertise and how we run NetSuite implementations? Contact us
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Integrating Tagetik with NetSuite: A Seamless Solution for Financial Consolidation

NetSuite articles

October 08 2021


In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, the need for seamless integration between financial management systems has become paramount.  Many companies recognized this necessity and embarked on journeys to optimize their financial consolidation processes. Because often a best-of-breed consolidation tool is used that rearranges and transforms the basic information from the ERP systems to achieve correct consolidated reporting. This article explores the innovative solution provided by Novutech to streamline trial balance exports via SuiteQL, bridging the gap between Tagetik and NetSuite.  

Streamlining Trial Balance Export: The Challenge

While NetSuite's standard features offer powerful capabilities for financial consolidation, some large organizations may have only a portion of their business operations managed within NetSuite, with other parts integrated into different ERP systems. Some of these companies use CCH Tagetik Consolidation software as an overlay and might face inefficiencies in communication between NetSuite and Tagetik, often necessitating manual CSV file transfers. These companies aim to automate the export of trial balance data from NetSuite to Tagetik seamlessly, with a focus on saving time and enhancing flexibility, data accuracy, and reliability.  

Designing the Solution

Novutech proposed a comprehensive solution leveraging SuiteQL queries. The solution encompassed two key phases:

Part 1: Streamlining Data Generation from NetSuite

  • Designing a SuiteQL Query to aggregate transaction amounts by GL account and other classifications.
  • Developing a Suitelet/Page for user interaction, enabling selection of period and subsidiaries for trial balance export.
  • Automating the export process triggered by user actions, generating CSV files and storing them in the NetSuite File Cabinet.

tagetik integration with netsuite

Part 2: Streamlining Data Import in Tagetik

  • Uploading CSV files to Tagetik's SFTP server for automatic import.
  • Implementing scheduling capabilities for exporting and importing trial balances based on user-defined frequencies.
The proposed solution incorporated custom scripts, records, and interfaces tailored to the requirements of companies seeking financial consolidation solutions. In summary, the key elements of the seamless integration between NetSuite and Tagetik include:
  • Suitelet for trial balance export selection.
  • Scheduled script for SuiteQL execution and CSV export.
  • Custom record for tracking export processes.


This journey highlights the transformative potential of seamless integration between NetSuite and Tagetik. Through the implementation of SuiteQL integration, companies can streamline trial balance exports, improving efficiency, accuracy, and agility in financial consolidation
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The transformative power of investing in soft skills

Novutech culture

October 08 2021

soft skills How often do you take time to invest in getting to know your colleagues better? Chances are, you have a strong desire to do so, but somehow never find the right moment to sit with your colleagues, leave the business world at the door and dive into each other’s personalities. 

Here are three main reasons why soft skills should be put at the center of a prosperous workplace culture

Teamwork makes the dream works

Being a teamplayer is rarely a gift given by mother nature. If you want to bring your business to the next level, you need to have a great collaboration among your employees. Even though their hard skills are key, their soft skills are more than the cherry on top. They make a real difference by bridging the gap between colleagues and fostering a true team spirit.  Empathy, self-awareness, social skills… These are the “real deal” when it comes to being a great team, respectful of each and everyone’s personalities. 

Personal leadership is the new sexy

Many people tend to associate the word “leader” with the word “team” when, in reality, no team is needed to awaken and boost your leadership skills. Integrity, influence, vision, courage… It all starts with you.  Finding time to dive deep into yourself is the greatest gift you can offer to yourself and others. It’s important to clarify that this isn’t about prioritizing yourself selfishly; it’s about embracing both your strengths and areas for improvement. This self exploration is key to effective leadership, a major component of a successful organization.

Authenticity Above All: Embrace Your True Self

Working on your soft skills at work is about showing yourself as you are. Today, some people still think it's beneficial to be a different person at the office than in private. Although certain character traits may be more suited to one context than another, we should never consciously try to change who we are once we've walked through the office door. And for those who do this, my question would be: what do you risk by showing yourself as you are? It’s not about the “fake it until you make it” anymore but more about a “go real or go home” mindset. Let us all be authentic and vulnerable together for a realistic and enriching workplace. 

How does it work @Novutech  

At Novutech, we actively promote the integration of soft skills into our workplace culture because we believe it's essential for our team to genuinely connect. We create special moments for everyone to get to know each other better because effective teamwork doesn't happen by chance; it requires effort. Therefore, we focus on developing both hard and soft skills, helping colleagues understand each other and fostering a real team spirit that drives our business's success. In terms of leadership, we take a unique approach. We encourage our employees to discover themselves not only as team members but also as leaders. We value qualities like honesty, influence, vision, and courage, believing that personal growth benefits not only the individual but also the entire company. At Novutech, authenticity is prized over pretense. We encourage our team to be themselves and ask, 'What's stopping you from being authentic?' We embrace a 'be real or go home' attitude and celebrate openness and genuineness in the workplace, creating an environment where everyone can thrive. Our commitment goes beyond mere talk. We provide our team with practical tools such as team-building activities and training sessions to develop soft skills like communication and stress management. We also encourage peer feedback and reviews because at Novutech, it's not just an idea; it's what we do. Let's keep building connections, celebrating growth, and creating a workplace where everyone can freely express and develop their soft skills. Because at Novutech, success is built on investing in both hard and soft skills. Written by Clémentine Dinsart, Talent Coordinator & Trainer at Novutech  
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Optimizing Accounts Receivable: A BayWa r.e. Success Story with Novutech's Dunning Solution

Customer use case

October 08 2021

WHO IS BayWa r.e

BayWa r.e. is a pioneering force in the global Renewable Energy landscape, dedicated to rethinking how energy is produced, stored, and utilized. Based in 31 countries, with revenues of almost €6.5 billion and more than 5000 employees, BayWa r.e. delivers end-to-end project solutions and ongoing operations management, having successfully brought online over 5 GW of renewable energy (wind and solar) and currently managing an impressive 10 GW of assets. Notably, the company is also an Independent Power Producer with a growing presence in the energy trading sector. True to their commitment to sustainability, BayWa r.e. operates as a 100% carbon-neutral entity, actively engaged in their own sustainability journey. Collaborating with businesses worldwide, the company specializes in tailoring renewable solutions to meet the unique needs of their diverse clientele.
baywa success story


Already a NetSuite user for years, BayWa's selected our dunning solution because of their preference for a straightforward, flexible, and efficient approach to Accounts Receivable management. The Novutech SuiteSolution aligns with their needs by providing a customized and ready-to-use platform that enhances their ability to manage overdue balances and collections in a manner that suits their business requirements, avoiding all added complexity.  


Novutech's Dunning Pack, our own SuiteApp 100% integrated into NetSuite, is a comprehensive solution for efficient Accounts Receivable management. It addresses the crucial need for timely payment of open invoices through strategic procedures like dunning letters and direct communication.  Particularly beneficial for larger enterprises managing extensive customer portfolios, the Dunning NovuPack provides a seamless and effective way to track and address outstanding debts.  The primary objective is to offer clients a fully automated and easily tailored dunning process that prioritizes simplicity and efficiency, aligning perfectly with the preferences of businesses seeking a straightforward yet flexible approach to Accounts Receivable management.


The main benefits that BayWa reported through the use of our Dunning solution, can be summarized as follows:

Simplicity and Efficiency

BayWa emphasizes the importance of simplicity in their Accounts Receivable management. Instead of opting for overly complex methods, they sought a solution that is straightforward yet highly efficient. Our Dunning NovuPack aligns perfectly with this requirement, offering a user-friendly and easily navigable platform for managing dunning processes without unnecessary complexities.


Understanding that each business has unique requirements, BayWa values a flexible approach. Our solution is designed to be adaptable, allowing for easy customization to meet the specific needs of BayWa. The dunning email templates and statement formats were fully adapted to BayWa’s preferences.


In the dynamic landscape of Accounts Receivable, automation plays a pivotal role. BayWa recognizes the importance of automating the dunning process to efficiently track overdue balances and send collection letters. Our solution provides a fully automated workflow, allowing BayWa to streamline their collections process and save valuable time and resources.

Ready-to-Use Solution

BayWa appreciates the convenience of a ready-to-use solution that doesn't require extensive setup or configuration. Our Novupack is designed to be immediately deployable, enabling BayWa to implement and start utilizing the dunning process without extensive lead times. This also includes the dashboard shortcuts and specific Dunning reports.   


"Thanks to Novutech's Dunning solution, professionals can optimize their cash flow and reduce their customer payment times. This innovative and high-performing solution transforms accounts receivable management by automating the collection process. It's user-friendly, efficient, and flexible, adapting to users' specific needs. It also saves valuable time and enhances customer relationships. We highly recommend this Dunning Novupack to all professionals looking to optimize their accounts receivable management.” Patricia Prioleau, Accounting and Finance Manager at Baywa r.e "NetSuite offers a flexible solution that has allowed BayWa r.e. to expand internationally. Their integration with Novutech's Dunning has been a true catalyst for our operational efficiency, enabling us to focus on what matters most to us: transitioning to sustainable practices for the future of our planet." Loïc Bocquet, Operations Director at Baywa r.e Do you want to know more about our expertise and how we run NetSuite implementations? Contact us If you want to know more about our Dunning Solution, explore these two articles: [Link1], [Link2].
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Elevate Your Project Management with NetSuite's SuiteProjects: A Comprehensive Guide

NetSuite articles

October 08 2021

Improve your services company's efficiency and profitability with NetSuite's SuiteProjects, a robust Professional Services Automation tool. This comprehensive guide explores detailed resource allocation, project profitability and revenue recognition, showcasing how SuiteProjects enhances business operations through extensive visibility, flexibility, and accuracy. As a services company, optimizing operations and managing customer projects is crucial. NetSuite's SuiteProjects stands out among its competitors by offering a comprehensive Professional Services Automation (PSA) solution natively built on the NetSuite platform. Unlike standalone project management or finance tools, SuiteProjects integrates seamlessly with CRM, HR, and ERP modules, eliminating the need for costly integrations. It drives efficiency and profitability throughout the services business lifecycle, streamlining operations, improving resource utilization, and expediting billing cycles.  SuiteProjects offers unparalleled visibility into the organization's performance, with real-time reporting on key metrics. Compared to other solutions, SuiteProjects helps businesses complete projects faster, generate accurate invoices efficiently, and streamline accounts receivable cycles, ultimately improving cash flow and eliminating revenue leakage.

Novutech's 4-Layered Approach: Maximizing Results in NetSuite

At Novutech, we've developed a 4-layered approach within SuiteProjects that revolutionizes operations and enhances profitability for our clients. Here's why our approach is unparalleled:

Administration: Streamlined Project Setup

We've emphasized the efficiency of predefined templates and their adaptability to individual project needs, highlighting the time and resource-saving benefits.

Project Level: Precision in Resource Allocation

Allocate resources, set preferences, define budgets, and configure features at the project level. SuiteProjects facilitates creating project structures, milestones, tasks, and generating Gantt charts for a comprehensive project overview. Suite Projects

Operations: Day-to-Day Excellence

Leverage SuiteProjects for day-to-day operations within NetSuite. Explore various options to precisely define project roles, billing classes, and project costing. Enable time and expenses to account accurately for labor and project-related costs.

Financials: Unleashing SuiteProjects' Superpowers

SuiteProjects integrates seamlessly with NetSuite's core accounting strengths. Manage billing effortlessly, supporting various billing rules such as Time and Materials Billing, Fixed Price Billing, and Milestone Billing. Additionally, SuiteProjects handles revenue intricacies with ease, generating plans from sales transactions or projects directly.  By reflecting all financial transactions in detailed financial reporting, SuiteProjects empowers businesses with comprehensive insights into their project-driven financial performance. Suite Projects Suite project

Conclusion: Unparalleled Advantage with SuiteProjects

In summary, Novutech's 4-layered approach within SuiteProjects offers a comprehensive solution that not only streamlines operations but also maximizes profitability.  By focusing on streamlined project setup, precision in resource allocation, day-to-day operational excellence, unleashing SuiteProjects' financial capabilities, and providing unmatched visibility through tailor-made reporting, our approach enables clients to save money, gain more revenue, and achieve sustainable business success in the competitive Professional Services landscape.
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IT Services and IT Consulting

“The real added value for Actito is that Novutech started implementing from scratch so they know everything, the constraints, the technical environment, the people so it is easy for them to understand what Actito needs and knowing the history, Novutech can build further and further in a smooth way which makes things really easy and fast.”

Brieuc Noel de Burlin – System Manager & ADV Team leader

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Beverage Manufacturing

“Novutech’s strengths are really expertise and proximity. They are growing, they have offices in other countries which interests us a lot since we are present around the world.”

Sébastien Charlier – IT Director

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Yoga Room

Health, Wellness & Fitness

“NetSuite fit perfectly for our group because this ERP simplifies the centralization and the processing of accounting and financial data for multiple companies in differents countries, while being compliant with local legislation. In the end, we get a single and clear reporting that includes data from each point of sale in a single, standardized dashboard, regardless of its location and the company .”

Benjamin Bertho, Head of Finance & Administration

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Computer Software

NetSuite is a really intuitive, flexible and scalable solution, which allows Templafy to grow and scale globally.

We are very pleased with the services provided by Novutech, which really helped us make a quick and thorough implementation of NetSuite. In my opinion, they are not only implementation consultants, but also an important sparring partner, providing advice both during and after the implementation phase, when necessary.“

Niels Simonsen, Head of Finance

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Solar Screen

Business Supplies & Equipment

“Changing ERP for a business is always a big bang. It’s a project that is exciting and at the same time frightening given the impact on all users, on all processes, and it was super important to find for us a company that shares our values, our DNA, and we have found in Novutech a company which, like us, puts the success of its projects and customer satisfaction first, and, in Novutech, we found interlocutors who wanted to understand our processes, who wanted to help us, who supported us from the start, and who continue to accompany us today with a real common interest in making the system appealing to all users.”

Nicolas Hoet, COO Solar Screen

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