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NetSuite’s Fixed Asset Management SuiteApp allows you to have full control over assets and all related topics in a single module. The FAM SuiteApp assists you with automating the creation, depreciation, sales, etc. of your assets throughout the asset lifecycle, from vendor bills to reports. You will be able to track all the related information at any time.

Moreover, the module will help you maintain your accounting by fully integrating all asset transactions into your general ledger. Multi-book management of assets is also supported by the module, with alternate depreciation methods available for each secondary book.


  • The FAM module assists you with your asset creation. Thanks to the automated creation of assets, you will no longer be worried about matching balance sheets and assets.
  • All transactions, such as depreciation, revaluation, sales, leasing, transfer, etc., are managed by this SuiteApp. In addition to maintaining asset data over time, it will also manage the accounting of those transactions.
  • In order to definitively get rid of spreadsheets, NetSuite provides various reports and saved searches, in order to report on your fixed assets efficiently and consistently.

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