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From consolidated invoicing, automated rating processes and support for multiple pricing models, SuiteBilling provides transparency around all billing activities.


  • SuiteBilling supports multiple pricing models, making it possible to bill customers in a variety of ways, ranging from a simple flat rate for each billing cycle to complex volume or tiered scenarios.
  • Flexible options give businesses the choice of billing subscriptions as either one-time charges or recurring fees, either in-advance or in-arrears. With multiple rating models, companies can create subscriptions that encompass set-up fees, licence counts and variable consumption all in one step. The combination of easy subscription set-up and maintenance and flexible rating models significantly increases the efficiency of the billing process.
  • SuiteBilling supports subscription models from evergreen to traditional time-based (e.g., 1-year, 3-year) options. Changes to subscriptions such as upselling, downselling, suspension and termination are easily managed. Revenue Leakage is reduced with automated renewals.

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