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Lengow: Customer testimonial

Who is Lengow? Since 2009, Lengow has established itself as a major player in the French and European markets by providing an intelligent and automated e-commerce platform. With over 200 integrated marketplaces and 1,400 channels, Lengow supports 4,900 brands and retailers in 64 countries, optimizing their visibility and profitability. Issue/Needs – Sustained Growth with Netsuite … Continued

Andovar: Customer testimonial

Who is Andovar Andovar bills itself the ‘Global Translation Company’ and is a renowned service provider specialising in translation and content localization. The company is domiciled in Singapore and has offices in Thailand, Colombia, India and Hungary. They provide one-stop-shop services covering translation, localization, voiceover, dubbing, content creation and localization consultation to assist businesses in … Continued

Optimizing Accounts Receivable: A BayWa r.e. Success Story with Novutech’s Dunning Solution

WHO IS BayWa r.e BayWa r.e. is a pioneering force in the global Renewable Energy landscape, dedicated to rethinking how energy is produced, stored, and utilized. Based in 31 countries, with revenues of almost €6.5 billion and more than 5000 employees, BayWa r.e. delivers end-to-end project solutions and ongoing operations management, having successfully brought online … Continued

Actito, Customer testimonial

WHO IS ACTITO? Founded in 2000, Actito stands as a global Customer Activation Platform, making waves in Belgium, France and Canada. With a focus on enhancing customer engagement throughout the entire journey, Actito brings a user-friendly web interface that caters to both specialists and non-specialists alike. Renowned for its agility, Actito seamlessly manages databases ranging from … Continued

Discover our Customer, Rydoo

With 150 employees in 6 offices worldwide and an impressive customer base, Rydoo is a recognized leader in the SaaS world, and the app is easily integrated with other business management solutions, like NetSuite cloud ERP. After 10 successful years with strong growth, Rydoo needed a new ERP system to support their continued growth. The … Continued

Discover our Customer, b²sense

The reason for change With an important number of projects at hand, b²sense needed a project management tool in order to work more efficiently. Using a cloud ERP like NetSuite gave the team at b²sense the opportunity to gather all their projects, employees, customers as well as vendors, and store them in a central hub, … Continued

Vinventions Maximizes Efficiency with NetSuite and Novutech

Vinventions consists of more than 190 employees divided in 7 offices located in different countries. This organization leads them to use NetSuite, which is the perfect fit to support the operations of global and fast growing companies. Moreover they have chosen NetSuite for its financials modules but also for its advanced functionalities available, such as: … Continued

Discover our Customer, Hubs

The reason for change Having implemented NetSuite as their ERP solution, in the summer of 2021 Hubs started looking for a robust and flexible dunning solution. In particular, the tool had to be capable of fully supporting their customer base structure, which includes many parent-child relationships. They also wanted to make it possible to attach … Continued