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Strategic partnership announcement: Novutech and Isabel 6 empowering financial operations

We are thrilled to announce a strategic partnership between Novutech and Isabel 6, a solution offered by Isabel Group, marking a significant advancement in B2B payments and financial operations for ERP users. This collaboration combines Novutech’s deep expertise in ERP solutions with Isabel 6’s state-of-the-art financial management tools, offering unparalleled efficiency and security in financial … Continued

NetSuite Custom GL Plug-in: what is it, how to set it up and some practical examples

Introduction In NetSuite, custom General Ledger (G/L) lines are used to enhance and customize the accounting entries generated by the system’s standard processes. When posting transactions to the General Ledger, such as Item Shipments or Receipts, Invoices or Vendor Bills, Assembly Builds, Inventory Adjustments etc., NetSuite generates accounting impacts on accounts that are pre-defined, a.o. … Continued

Revolutionizing invoicing efficiency

Streamlining mass email invoices with timesheet attachments in NetSuite In the fast-paced world of finance, the repetitive nature of invoicing tasks can be a significant bottleneck. Novutech recognizes the need for innovative solutions to simplify and expedite invoicing workflows. This article focuses on our NetSuite customization, designed to transform invoicing by enabling the mass emailing … Continued

Strategic partnership announcement: Novutech and Celigo empowering NetSuite users together

We are excited to announce a strategic partnership between Novutech and Celigo, marking a new era in cloud integration and ERP optimization for NetSuite users. This collaboration unites Novutech’s NetSuite expertise with Celigo’s integration platform, enhancing business process efficiency and digital transformation. A partnership defined by excellence Since its founding in 2019, Novutech has become … Continued

NetSuite optimization for SaaS Businesses

Making the most of NetSuite: Strategic tech stack optimization for thriving SaaS Businesses   Introduction  In the rapidly evolving SaaS landscape, maintaining an optimized tech stack has become vital for business agility, scalability, and competitiveness. Many SaaS companies struggle with the challenge of selecting the right technology mix to support their growth and operational efficiency. … Continued

Novutech’s Dunning Letters Implementation Methodology

Transitioning effortlessly to optimal Accounts Receivable management   Introduction When it comes to managing Accounts Receivable efficiently, many clients express interest in a streamlined dunning process to monitor overdue balances and automate the dispatch of dunning letters to their customers in a fully automated way. Our customers prefer a simple, flexible, and efficient approach. Our … Continued

Integrating Tagetik with NetSuite: A Seamless Solution for Financial Consolidation

Introduction In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, the need for seamless integration between financial management systems has become paramount.  Many companies recognized this necessity and embarked on journeys to optimize their financial consolidation processes. Because often a best-of-breed consolidation tool is used that rearranges and transforms the basic information from the ERP systems to achieve … Continued

Elevate Your Project Management with NetSuite’s SuiteProjects: A Comprehensive Guide

Improve your services company’s efficiency and profitability with NetSuite’s SuiteProjects, a robust Professional Services Automation tool. This comprehensive guide explores detailed resource allocation, project profitability and revenue recognition, showcasing how SuiteProjects enhances business operations through extensive visibility, flexibility, and accuracy. As a services company, optimizing operations and managing customer projects is crucial. NetSuite’s SuiteProjects stands … Continued

Unlocking Operational Excellence: 10 Ways ERP Redefines Business Operations

In today’s fiercely competitive landscape, staying ahead demands more than just innovation—it requires efficiency and agility. That’s where business automation steps in, and ERP emerges as your strategic ally. It’s not just another platform; it’s the catalyst for your company’s growth, offering a myriad of personalized benefits across industries and scales. 1. Powering Your Efficiency … Continued

Unlocking the Power of NetSuite Merchandise Hierarchy for Optimal Catalogue Structuring

Introduction From our experience working with companies in the Distribution, Retail and E-commerce industries, we know that they almost always measure sales margins, look at inventory levels or assign promotions per group of items belonging to a certain family or subfamily. Today, we invite you to discover a hidden gem within NetSuite—the Merchandise Hierarchy. This … Continued