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Novutech’s Dunning Letters Implementation Methodology

Transitioning effortlessly to optimal Accounts Receivable management   Introduction When it comes to managing Accounts Receivable efficiently, many clients express interest in a streamlined dunning process to monitor overdue balances and automate the dispatch of dunning letters to their customers in a fully automated way. Our customers prefer a simple, flexible, and efficient approach. Our … Continued

The transformative power of investing in soft skills

How often do you take time to invest in getting to know your colleagues better? Chances are, you have a strong desire to do so, but somehow never find the right moment to sit with your colleagues, leave the business world at the door and dive into each other’s personalities.  Here are three main reasons … Continued

Integrating Web Development with Le Wagon at Novutech

A testimony about career transformation by Adrien Hucq. A few months ago, I had the unique opportunity to undergo training organized by Le Wagon Brussels to become a Web Developer. In this article, I will share the reasons behind choosing this training and explain how I successfully integrated these new skills into my role as … Continued

The Green Tribe: Navigating Novutech’s Environmental Sustainability

Background Within the corporate framework of Novutech, we pride ourselves on having formed a specialized team called the ‘Green Tribe’, with a mission to oversee and continuously reduce the company’s environmental impact. This team collaborates with Tapio, a platform specializing in carbon footprint reduction strategies: Who are we and what is our mission? Bringing … Continued

Knowledge is Power: How Novutech Leverages Knowledge to Succeed

Context In a blogpost we published  earlier this year (, we already discussed how knowledge is the foundation of our company’s success as a business partner to many SMEs focussing on the Cloud ERP system Netsuite. In this blogpost, we want to zoom in on a couple of important pillars we recently added to our … Continued

Knowledge Sharing at Novutech: a pillar of our DNA

Background Knowledge sharing is a vital component for the success of any IT company, particularly for those specializing in ERP integration, such as Novutech. Sharing knowledge allows employees to enhance their productivity, expertise, and understanding of customer needs. In this article, we’ll delve into the significance of knowledge sharing at Novutech and the strategies we’ve … Continued

Novutech welcomes Fast Four NetSuite services team and becomes the largest Solution Provider in the Netherlands and Belgium

Exciting news! After working closely together for years, helping our customers benefit from the Fast Four SuiteApps, Novutech now acquires the Solution Provider team of Fast Four, the very first NetSuite Partner in the Benelux ever. After the acquisition in 2022 of Fast Four by Zone & Co, who focuses solely on developing and marketing … Continued