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Meet Nawfal, Business Analyst

Background I started my studies in 2017 at the economics section of the University of Rennes 1. During my bachelor years I had the opportunity to learn how the forces that drive markets operate and how to interpret economic situations, but I was much more interested in cost management and solving practical business cases and … Continued

Meet Mathieu, technical consultant

Background I started my studies in computer science in September 2009 via a BTS Informatique des gestion. Then a Bachelor’s degree in computer science with the option of software engineering. On the other hand, nothing predestined me to leave and start working in the field of ERP. It was after obtaining my degree and a … Continued

Meet Martin – From intern to employee

My internship at Novutech Background Last January, I had the opportunity to join Novutech as a Business Analyst intern. A new and exciting adventure for me that ended last April. But it wasn’t the end of my journey as a Novutechos. I joined the team back in September, this time as a full-time Business Analyst. … Continued

Meet Adrien

Background I started my studies of Business Engineering at UMons 2014. In 2017, I moved to the Louvain-La-Neuve in the Louvain School of Management in order to realize a Master degree with as Major option “Corporate Social Responsibility”. Nevertheless, I have always felt interested in new technologies. I realized some projects and also my thesis … Continued

Meet Mohamed

My journey started when I was 7, I left my native country Djibouti to Belgium. I had to face a new culture, environment and language. Thanks to my adaptation abilities, I managed to learn French quickly which allowed me to integrate Belgian culture and have a classic educational trajectory. Background Finishing secondary school, I decided … Continued

A Journey of Internal Operations Manager

Hello! I am Pauline, Internal Operations Manager at Novutech since July 21. Before running into my daily routine, I will share with you my background. Background Before starting my professional career, I finished a Master of Communication at the Ihecs (Institut des Hautes Etudes des Communications). During these 5 years of study, I had to … Continued

Henry – A Journey of ERPs

The track I took throughout university has always been more process optimization- and internationalization-oriented. With a master’s degree focused on international business, I had the chance to get an internship in Indonesia, where I was introduced to the wonders of ERPs and was acting as a project manager for an ODOO implementation, sorting problems and … Continued

Internship at Novutech: Adventuring in a Startup Environment

A Brief Description of Our Experience at Novutech What do we think about our 2-month internship in a Startup? We are two students in a Business school, aiming to get our Bachelor in Business and Administration, and as a part of our bachelor program, an internship at a startup was compulsory. Our aim was to … Continued